Collection: Reiki Treatments

 I am certified in the 1st and 2nd Degree under the Usui System of Reiki, from the New York City Reiki Center. Reiki is one of the most beautiful gifts of healing I am lucky enough to give to others. I love how I am able to connect this healing art with my other holistic passions and I am excited for you to experience the healing powers of Reiki energy. 

    Reiki is a traditional Japanese holistic healing technique that harnesses the power of life force energy. Reiki uses this invisible energy to release blockages or weaknesses held in your body and aura. It also helps decrease the effects of physical aliments and pain that is plaguing your body and energy field. Reiki inspires you to achieve a healthier balance in your life so you vibrate at a higher frequency and connect to your true self. Reiki honors your intuition so you can achieve a greater sense of deeper spiritual awareness. Having a Reiki treatment will help your physical and spiritual body feel calm and have a sense of relief.