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Distance Reiki Treatment

Distance Reiki Treatment

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Distance Reiki

Do you have a loved one or a pet you would like to send Reiki to? Sometimes the best gift we can give, is to help heal our loved ones in need. 

A distance Reiki treatment is best for those who want to lighten a loved ones load and give more peace to their life. This can be for example: healing/comfort during an illness, healing to recover from a surgery or just to help heal them of their daily life stressors. 

Distance Reiki can be done in two ways. These treatments are called and Informal and Formal treatments. 

- Informal Distance Reiki Sessions are: 30 mins. 

- Formal Distance Reiki treatments are an 1 hour long treatment. Please see the following steps of how the treatment will work for each variant. 

Informal Treatment: 30 Min

 I will need the consent of the person I am healing. Please discuss with your loved ones if they will consent to a Reiki treatment. For animals, as the owner, you have their consent. With purchase, this is a confirmation of the persons consent for a distance Reiki treatment.

For a distance treatment, I will reach out to you via email for  the following: 

 - The name of the person/animal you who will be receiving the treatment 

- A picture of the person/animal you who will be receiving the treatment 

- Their current address

- What they are seeking treatment on and are going through. If it is sick person or animal that cannot verbally say what they need healing on, if you  know what type of healing they seek you can respond on their behalf. 

* Once I email you for the following information. I will complete the reiki session within 48 hours of receiving the order. *

Formal Treatment: 1 Hour

Formal 1 hour Distance Reiki: I will call in your loved ones energy - for a full body 45 min Reiki and chakra treatment and then do a 15 min mental treatment. 

 During the treatment your loved one will feel the healing effects right away. Reiki is a very powerful tool and no distance is too great for the energy to work. 

After the Reiki treatment I will schedule a follow up with you on the results, 2 weeks after the treatment. 

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