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Reiki Mental Healing

Reiki Mental Healing

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     Is there something you are trying to mentally let go of and heal? Do you feel pain and trauma stuck in your body that is preventing you from living your best life and causing other health aliments to show up?

      Stuck energy in the mind and body can be a result of: a toxic thought cycle you have about yourself or a situation. A past history of abuse. Triggered anxiety, depression, and not feeling grounded or safe. Worries and fears that prevent you from your gifts. The need for perfection and people pleasing to make you feel worthy, etc. These are just some of the blockages a mental Reiki treatment can help alleviate and clear from the mind, body and spirit. 

     We are all human and continue to carry the strength of survival in our bodies, but what does that look like overtime if not released? When energy is stuck in the body and causes many symptoms that are not natural to our spirit, we need to address them and work through that energy. 

    We all want to be happy, healthy, and wealthy. A Reiki Mental Treatment can help you create this into reality. 

Treatment Preparation: 

I will schedule a 10/15 min Zoom session before the treatment so we can see what you would like to work through in your life and the results you want to see manifest. From there I will create a mental treatment and email it to you for your approval.

The Treatment: This is Month Long Service 

1.)The way a mental Reiki treatment works, is that I will write up a detailed healing treatment based off of what we discussed in the Zoom meeting.

2.) I will share with you the written healing for your approval, before I begin the treatment.

3.)I will start channeling this message using Reiki to help manifest the cure in your life. 

4.) I will be giving you this Reiki treatment everyday for a month. 

Check In:

After 2 weeks I will schedule another 10/15 min Zoom session with you as a follow up to see how the treatment is working and if it will need any updates.


Mental Treatments are incredibly powerful. Results will most likely be seen and felt instantly or within 24 hours of receiving the first treatment. 

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