About Majorie

 Hi, I’m Majorie, the force behind the Punk Priestess! Here is a little bit about me!

First and foremost, I am a Detroit based Evolutionary Astrologer, Intuitive Tarot Reader and Reiki Practitioner.

   My magical journey began with astrology. Astrology first came into my life when I was twelve years old flipping through the horoscope section of my teenage J-14 Magazine. Since finding out I was an Aries sun, I was instantly hooked on learning anything and everything about astrology. From then on, astrology has become my life’s work and is the most important tool in my spiritual practice. My astrology practice is inspired by Evolutionary, Psychological and Jungian astrology. I have been consulting clients professionally for over 15 years and have since cultivated a thriving spiritual practice.

At 21 years old, I bought my first tarot deck. I was living in NYC at the time working as a fashion designer in the fashion industry. With my seasoned background in astrology, tarot was a tool I grasped very quickly. Within weeks of buying my first tarot deck, I was being asked to give readings by my previous astrology clients, friends and colleagues. Soon my tarot practice grew substantially and eventually evolved into my spiritual business, The Punk Priestess in 2018.

The latest venture to my spiritual journey has been Reiki. In 2019, I was inspired by Reiki friends, who I met at a Buddhist silent meditation retreat in upstate New York, to become a Reiki practitioner. After a spiritual awakening during my first Reiki session a few years after, I was called to give others the gift of Reiki. I became certified in the 1st and 2nd Degree under the Usui System of Reiki from the New York City Reiki Center in 2021. After becoming a practitioner, my Reiki practice lead me to working in hospice with cancer patients, providing Reiki for medical professionals, and establishing my own Reiki client practice.

    It is my life’s mission to share the art of metaphysical healing and divination with others to further their self development. Over the years, I have been fortune to have read for thousands of clients all over the world, and I continue to read in-person and virtually today. Outside of reading for clients, I freelance write for a variety of metaphysical publications and publishers and teach monthly astrology and tarot classes in-person in the Detroit area.

Thank you for taking the time to support my work and if you are interested in a reading with me, the link in my profile is where you can book your session.

I look forward to working with you,

Majorie of The Punk Priestess

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