About Majorie

     Hello, my name is Majorie and I am a New York City tarot reader, astrologer, crystal enthusiast, punk singer, and word witch of my eBook: Punk Rock Tarot Spreads. Here is my story.

Midwest Girl to Uptown Girl

       My story began growing up in a middle class suburb in Michigan. My childhood was just like the Disney Channel movies, as my NYC friends like to say. Meaning, my childhood was traditional, safe, and full of conformity. The suburban way of life feels secure for most, but for me I always felt like the black sheep and desired to live in the big city. My aspirations for adventure led me to the city of Chicago, where I pursued a degree in fashion design. After college, I moved to NYC to start designing in the fashion industry.

The Art of Esoterica

     Now this is where my story with divination comes in. I knew from the beginning of my life, that I was gifted with what I would now call a strong intuition. At the time, I did not know much about this unexplainable force inside of me, but I had these mature instincts about situations and the people I would encounter. My psychic gifts started to make sense to me when I found astrology at 12 years old. By learning astrology and studying my natal chart and those of others, I began to know more about the world around me. This fascination eventually opened up my life to other forms of divination, the occult, witchcraft, and esoteric practices.

     In my early 20s, I initially bought my first tarot deck as a party favor. However, as I started to play around with my deck, I immediately found a connection to this intuitive tool. My life’s mission started to make sense to me for the first time and everything began to come into alignment. Over the years I have read for hundreds of people and this eventually evolved into my business known today as The Punk Priestess.

      My personal practice of reading tarot is incorporating astrology into the language. I believe that tarot is the greatest form of intuitive therapy you will ever experience. Tarot is the ultimate tool you can use to channel your intuition and give you clarity on your life path through self-mastery. It is my passion to teach and inspire others to learn the art of tarot and connect with their clairvoyant abilities. I read clients all over the world and every year offer a Tarot 101 Immersion Course to teach others how to read and learn tarot. Recently, after years of creating tarot spreads for myself and my clients, I published my first eBook- Punk Rock Tarot Spreads in Spring 2020.

Punk Rock Priestess

       Music is my love language and like any millennial child, I wanted to perform on stage. In middle school I found my true heroine’s, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill. These incredible women inspired me to start a band. I am a word witch, so song writing and singing has also been part of my personal history from the beginning. Moving to NYC gave me the opportunity to start the band of my dreams, the Combatives. Both of my worlds come together through my music. My lyrics are shaped by my esoteric experience and the messages I receive from my tarot readings. Music has helped me channel my divinatory passions and share my magic on stage, with the rest of the world.

     This is a little bit about me and my creative life. We are all priestesses on our own journey and never forget to embrace your own intuitive magic to create the life you want.