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The Punk Priestess

E-Book: Punk Rock Tarot Spreads (2020)

E-Book: Punk Rock Tarot Spreads (2020)

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     Hey Punk family, I am so excited to offer my e-book I self-published back in 2020 on my website!

     After Years of hosting my e-book for purchase on another site, I am happy that Shopify has allowed me to have it available for purchase here.  

     My journey with tarot over the years has inspired me to create my own spreads and embrace my inner magic. I believe that tarot spreads are a vital tool for tarot readers, witches, mages, healers, oracles and the like to use in their magical and spiritual practice . Tarot spreads are a pathway to help guide your intuition and keep your readings on course.

    When I first started reading tarot, finding spreads that connected with what I was intuitively seeking was a challenge. I would spend hours digging through my tarot books and searching online trying to find compatible spreads, that not only asked the right questions, but had cool artwork to go along with it. Also, I found most of the tarot material out there to be created by readers generations older than me, so it was hard to authentically relate as well.

      After many failed attempts of not finding the right spreads and being frustrated that it would take me so long to find a spread before a reading, I started to lose my joy of tarot. This dissatisfaction and lack of tarot material motivated me to create spreads of my own. It has been my mission to create spreads that reflect these modern times and give a voice to millennial readers, for we are the future of tarot.  After years of creating my own spreads in private, I decided to share them to the public on my website.  This then lead me to create personal spreads for the questions and advice my clients were seeking. Overtime, I found myself with hundreds of spreads I developed throughout the years and began to compile them in this offering. 

    I am really proud to share my spreads with you and I am currently working on a physical book with more spreads from my collection. My hope is that you use these spreads to not only access your intuition, but to use as a tool when reading for others. Take these spreads, make them your own, and have them lead you on an enlightening quest, for you will never be lead astray. 

***After Purchase the E-book will be automatically emailed to you to download***

Also, make sure you tag me in the spreads you use! I love to see your creative magic! 

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