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Synastry: Relationship Astrology Reading

Synastry: Relationship Astrology Reading

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Romantic Relationship Synastry: 

Do you have Love on the mind? Are you looking for some insight on your romantic relationship? Or do you want to see if your crush or someone you are dating are astrologically compatible? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, this reading is for you! 

Love is complicated, beautiful, fun and magical. This reading can help you navigate matters of the heart with more ease as well as learning the compatibility and timing of your romantic love.

This reading offers so much clarity and helps illuminates a path forward for your hearts desires. 

Familial, Friendship, Business or Professional Relationship Synastry: 

If you would like a synastry reading on a platonic relationship in your life, I provide the readings as well. Are you curious how you and a boss or colleague will work together? Wondering if you should start a business with a friend? Or interested if you and a family member have past life connects and what the future of your relationship looks like? This synastry reading also applies to you as well and can be very insightful for the evolution of your personal relationships. 

Astrology Session Length:

This astrology service is a 60 Min session if you would like tarot added to the reading please see the 90 Min session available. Please make sure you provide at checkout your most updated email and contact information.

After purchase, I will be emailing you for the following birth chart questions so I can begin working on your chart and your partners/other relation before our session. 

- Date of Birth

- Time of Birth 

- Location of Birth

- Current location 

- Questions/Advice you are seeking in the synastry chart 

My Astrology Reading Style:

I am an Evolutionary Astrologer and my practice is to study how your chart is evolving through current and future transits. I use the Placidus House System

Reading Options:

Zoom Reading:  Readings are done in live time and I will record our session for you to download and keep after the reading. Pictures of your spread and a PDF of your birth chart will be included along with links to resources I may mention during the reading.

Recorded Reading: I will record your reading and send it via email for you to download and keep. Pictures of your spread and a PDF of your birth chart will be included along with links to resources I may mention during the reading.

**If you are over 10 minutes late for your reading, it will be rescheduled. It is your responsibility to make sure you arrive on time for your reading and to notify me in a timely matter of any changes to your scheduled appointment. For more information on my cancelation policy and any legal questions you may have, please see the Shop Policy section at the bottom of the Home Page.**

Thank you for sharing your magic with me and I look forward to seeing you soon!  


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