Written in the Stars with Nina Kahn

I am so excited to Finally virtually hang with the ultimate Libra Queen and the coolest astrologer, Nina Kahn. You may know Nina as the creator of the aesthetically pleasing Insta account @valleygirlmystic. Nina (pronouns she/her/hers) is a California-based writer, artist, and astrologer, as well as the author of three books — Astrology for Life, The Joy of Hex, and a guided astrology journal called Wander the Stars. She  aims to make astrology as fun, accessible, and relatable as possible through her writing, memes, and one-on-one readings.

    In this episode we talk about Nina's journey into astrology, navigating your Saturn Return, astro insights for 2022 and the astrology behind all these interesting celebrity couples like Bennifer. You will enjoy this episode so much and it is such a fun convo! 

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