Witchy Wisdom with Ivy Semin

I'm SO Beyond Excited to have my first returning guest, my dear friend and Aries sis Ivy Semin!

Ivy is a self-realized and self-taught practitioner with one hell of a relationship with the divine. She’s been practicing since her young teens, offered readings since 2018 and classes since 2020. Her primary mediums are cards and bibliomancy but she also scries, uses stones, trinkets, and just about anything else with a vibration to read energy. She’s a friendly Aries with a Sagittarius rising and Cancer moon. 

Ivy is wise beyond her years and we had So Much fun talking about everything from astrology, crystals and the witch biz! If you haven't  already, make sure you catch up on our first convo together last year! It is just as magical! 

Listen Here: 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5hwxvvyfY6XPDxEv8c2nUh?si=2e9fa28b2c754f8e

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/witchy-wisdom-with-ivy-semin/id1555903331?i=1000562247672

Follow Ivy Semin:

Instagram: @ivysenim
Website: https://ivysenim.com
Email: ivysenim@gmail.com
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