Moving Towards Alignment & Your True Soul Purpose with Gaby Yen

This month my special guest is NYC and Jersey City based yoga instructor Gaby Yen. In this interview we talk about Gaby’s unique journey into yoga, by having been introduced to the practice through her fashion career. These classes, though fun at first, quickly started resonating with Gaby on a deeper level and eventually lead her to the incredible path of becoming a yoga teacher. Gaby’s story of aligning yourself to your soul truth and perusing a path of connection and healership, is so inspiring and uplifting. I am so excited to have Gaby on to share her empowering story and her wisdom.

During this episode we talk about leaving a career in fashion to pursue yoga, trusting your intuition, being open to the universe guiding you and so many more incredible topics. 

Thank you for tuning in and please support and follow Gaby below! Namaste! 

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