Magic Mondays: Have Strength, the Universe Has Your Back!

Hello punk coven, I am back from a mini break and so happy to be back! This Monday I talk about my Tarot 101 Course which I only teach once a year! Head over to my website to register for the early birth special and during this episode I will talk all about the class. 

For the astrology of the week we take a deep dive into Mars going in Cancer and why the Strength Tarot card has been a stalker for us all in connection with this transit. For ther crystal segment of this pod I answer some of your burning crystal questions and we end on a fun note to talk about my Aries Season Playlist that can be found on Spotify and of course Lana del Rey's new incredible album! 

Thank you so much for tuning in and if you want a personal tarot reading with me head over to my website to book for May and do not forget to sign up for the class. 

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