Magic Behind the Art with Caroline Clarke of Tarot By Caro

 A few months ago I was scrolling mindlessly on Instagram and randomly, but divinely, came across Caroline Clarke's beautiful deck called Tarot By Caro. I was totally impressed with the art and brilliant colors of her deck that also was 70s retro inspired. Of course after seeing the deck, in my Aries implosive ways, I had to buy it!  Now I have been using Tarot By Caro religiously in all my reading thus far. Magic Is Immediate and it has been so long since I have connected with a deck so effortlessly. I am so fortunate that scrolling Insta lead me to this  beautiful tarot deck that now has became my tarot staple. 

In this interview Caroline, who goes by Caro walks us through the inception, creation, and completion of her majestic tarot deck. We talk about how vital the support of the witchy community is for artist, why the pandemic made so much art possible and the influential artist who have paved the way for much of the magic we are a witness to today. 

It was such a please speaking to Caro about art and all about her fabulous deck. For more info on Caro and where to buy her work please see the show notes below. 

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Instagram: @caros_tarot



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