Keeping It Cool with Colleen Green

I am Beyond thrilled that this weeks special guest is musician Colleen Green. For years, literally to back when I was in college, I have fangirled hard over Colleen's music for its relatability and honesty. I first feel in love with Colleen's song 'You're So Cool' off of her debut album Sock It To Me. I would play this song over and over again walking down the streets of Chicago. That song was defiantly the story of my life at the time and in many ways still is.

Eventually, I moved to NYC and when I was beginning to build my new life here, Colleen released her album I Want To Grow Up. This album literally changed my life and mirrored by new journey in a new city that was often scary and exciting at the same time. I Want to Grow Up is the ultimate Saturn Return album and we talk about this during our interview. Now 5 years since that albums release, I am going through my Saturn Return, so I am finding a new kinship to this album. 

Recently, Colleen has released her new album Cool and it defiantly feels like the homecoming I have been waiting for. During our conversation we talk all about the inception, creation, and finalization of Cool and the journey it is yet to take. I am so honored that Colleen was able to share so much insight into her creative process as a musician and be very open about her experiences as an artist. 

This conversation is not only one I feel so lucky to have, for it feels like a wish come true, but I know I will cherish this moment for years to come. To listen to and support Colleen's music please see the links in the show notes below. 

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