Finding Your Groove with Mac Saturn

I could not be more excited to talk to one of my favorite rock bands of all time, Mac Saturn. Known as the "Best Lounge Act In America", Mac Saturn is from my hometown of Detroit and are some of the most talented musicians I have ever heard. Currently, Mac Saturn are working tirelessly in the studio since last summer at Rustbelt Studios crafting some new jams. They are working with Al Sutton, Herschel Boon, and Marlon Young to bring their music magic to your ears soon. In this interview we talk about being in a band, the music scene in Detroit, astrology, fashion, music legends, and the making of an album.

On April 30th Mac Saturn will be releasing a live performance video through DETXDET Showcase, so defiantly check this out. Also, look out for the first wave of never ending summer hits!

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