Fashion Mindfulness with Marjorie of Kitten Surprise Vintage

It is such a pleasure to talk to one of my dear friend's, Marjorie Woolard, about the realties of sustainability in the fashion industry. Marjorie is a seamstress, advocate for climate change and textile waste, as well as the owner of Kitten Surprise Vintage. Marjorie and I met many moons ago in fashion design school and bonded not only having similar names, but over our love of music and vintage.

In this conversation we talk about our experience going to fashion school, the evolution in fashion construction and sizing, and how the fashion industry is failing to really take accountability on their sustainable practices. Our mission with this conversation is to reveal the truths that the fashion industry try to conceal through false advertisement and misinformation.

I hope this episode inspires you to think about how you can be a more mindful shopper not only when it comes to fashion, but with everything in your life. We also talk music at the end, naturally so def tune in and fight for change! 

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