Embracing Your Shadow with Crystal of Ultramagica

I am beyond excited to have this fascinating convo with one of my dear friends and covenettes Crystal of Ultramagica. Crystal is a tarot practitioner and alchemist in the NYC who blending oils, herbs, and other tools with the power of intention and spirituality through her botanica Ultramagica. She is also a writer and poet specializing in occult poetry, spirituality, sexuality, and death. Best of all, Crystal is a dreamer like all of you! She does dream interpretation & conducts weekly readings for the Collective on her YouTube channel: Pillow Talk: The Night Reading for Dreamers! Crystal encourages you to find your inner voice and honor your divine path through dialogue, counseling, and the use of ritual tools. 

In this podcast episode we talk about healing with herbs, having tea with your demons, shadow work and the insights of tarot wisdom. 

Listen to the episode here on Apple & Spotify:

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