Creating with Intention with Morgan of Lucid Kitsch

 I am really excited to share this interview with one of my favorite witches - Morgan of Lucid Kitsch. First off, Morgan is really cool and literally has the best design/creative aesthetic. I first discovered Morgan through her images from the tarot deck Simply Strange Tarot. Then when I found out she was obsessed with vintage and in a really cool band called Crone Visions, I knew we were destined to be friends. 

     Morgan is a Gemini with an Aquarius moon and Aries Rising. She has her hands in many creative pots and her artistic talents are beyond. In this interview we talk about tarot, the process of self-publishing a tarot deck, music, and all things vintage. I am def a huge fan of everything Morgan creates and I am so excited for you to get to know Morgan and be a witness to her incredible magic!

Listen to the episode here on Apple & Spotify:



Find & Support Morgan here: 

Instagram: @lucidkitsch

Etsy: (shop is called Lucid Kitsch)
Crone Vision's band instagram:  @cronevisions
Spotify: Crone Visions 
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