Clairevoyant: When Film & Magic Align

One thing you may not know about me is that I love watching indie  films and going to film festivals. So when I saw the trailer of the DIY indie film Clairevoyant, I was immediately hooked and watched it not once, but several times.

Clairevoyant is one of my favorite films and it is such an honor to talk to the film's creators: Micaela Wittman and Arthur De Larroche.

In this conversation, we talk about the behind the scenes process of filming and creating Clairevoyant. Micaela and Arthur share how divine alignment was a vital component of this film's success and that allowing the creative process to flow was key. We also discuss the spiritual inspiration behind the film, share our stories of creating with intention and how spiritual scams can teach us our best lessons. 

Clairevoyant is somewhat of a sleeper hit, as her magic is just being revealed to the world. If you have not already watched Clairevoyant, this is a must see film that you will be watching over and over again. The comedy and brilliance of this film is next level and you will want to be part of this cosmic journey.

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