All About Crystals with Ashley & John of New Moon Minerals

So many of you know I am Obsessed with Crystals! I have been an avid crystal collector for almost 4 years now and I do not see my collection slowing down anytime soon! 

Over the years I have used crystal healing in my intuitive work and have incorporated them into my business as well. Crystals are instrumental to my work as a healer and I have been so grateful that my path has aligned with New Moon Minerals. 

 Ashley and John are a husband & wife team own the incredible crystal shop New Moon Minerals. They also own a metaphysical supply store in Fayetteville, North Carolina called Pressed. I first came across New Moon during Covid and have been a supporter ever since. 

Unlike many crystal sellers these days, New Moon brings a creative uniqueness to their crystal sales and I personally believe they have the BEST variety of crystals I have seen.

Ashley and John both have such a bright and genuine personality, which makes the shopping experience all the more fun and worth while. 

In our conversation, we talk about the ins and outs of starting a crystal business. The effects of the growing crystal social media presence. Watching out for fake crystals in the market. Our favorite crystals and how to work with crystals among other informative and fun crystal topics. 

Talking to Ashley and John about our shared passion for crystals was such a joy. If you are new to crystals or curious into getting started, this episode is for you! I hope you enjoy and do not forget to support Ashley and John in the links below.

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