What the Fuck is Mercury Retrograde?

    Everyone has heard about Mercury in Retrograde, but what exactly does it mean? Is it bad and will my life end? No! This retrograde is more popular, because it effects us more personally than outer planet retrogrades. The effects of Mercury Retrograde are very transparent. However, sometimes we need to be shaken up a bit in order for us to actually live in reality. 

   Mercury goes retrograde around three to four times a year. Last year it reversed four times so this year it will only be three! Mercury's retrograde span lasts around four weeks and occurs every three to four months.  Everyone gets nervous when hearing about Mercury Retrograde, myself included. It has gained a bad rap in the universe, but its lessons are vital to our personal growth. Instead of being scared it is best to be prepared and conscious to the many lessons Mercury wants us to receive. When I mention Mercury Retrograde I always get asked what this means, so this is my post to explain all about this planet's reversal. First off, when a planet goes retrograde it causes us to look back to the past. I always like to refer to these 'R" words as guidelines. They are Revisit, Reflect, Renew, Remove, Research, Reemerge, Realign, Reinvigorate, and Reconnect. 

      Mercury is the messenger planet that governs Gemini and Virgo. This planet rules are communication, technology, and travel. When Mercury is reverse it is a good time to take caution in these areas of your life. Many mistakes will emerge during this time. Things you thought were promising before the retrograde may be Revealed to you in a different light. You may be feeling a break down in communication or experiencing miscommunication. Having as many details as possible on a project or situation is key. Also, it may be a bad time to sign any contacts like a loan, lease etc, for some details may be missing or a deal may be too good to be true. Try to get any important business taken care of before the retrograde begins, but by all means if this is not possible continue to move forward just be extra careful. 

      When it comes to technology guard your phones. I cannot tell you how many of my friends have broken their phones or had accidents happen to their techy devices during Mercury Retrograde. Be extra careful. This can also go for working in the media and with Fake News being on the rise, try not to get caught up in the latest gossip or political garbage. Everything in the media will be unclear. Even if you work in tech, are launching a new website or doing anything virtual there may be delays with getting your work and projects out. Travel problems also may arise. I personally try not to book any trips or travel during this time.

      Even in Mercury's shadow of five days before and five days after it's retrograde you will start to feel the shift of energy. People from your past like ex-lovers may start to reemerge out of the woodworks. Take this as you will. Sometimes this can be a good thing as you can Reconnect with an old flame and a new romance can Reemerge in this Leo season. Breakups may happen. Affairs may be Revealed. This is all part of the process for us to be aware of things we did not know before.  "The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off" is my favorite quote by Gloria Steinem that is something to remind you when frustrations happen and they will happen. It is all part of life's lesson ( hence Saturn Retrograde) and also for tarot refer to the Wheel of Fortune card. One day you are on top of the world the next you can be on the bottom. This cycle is unavoidable. However, if you do the work of self-discovery and Renewal you will find yourself more on top of your life than on the bottom in the fog.

      The best way to navigate Mercury Retrograde is to remain conscious and to take your time making big decisions. The right change will come to you.

The Punk Priestess