Venus Through the Signs

    Venus is the planet of love and prosperity that not only impacts our material scope of life, but the love we give to ourselves and others. With Venus recently entering Pisces, (which personally happens to be my Venus placement that transited on my birthday March of all things), I felt it was a sign to write about Venus’s place in our natal chart. Venus spends anywhere between 23 days to 2 months in a sing. Understanding and working with your Venus placement can help you navigate what you love in your life. It can tell you what areas in your life you put more love towards and what is complicating prosperity coming into your life. 

     Venus’s message for us through our natal chart, is that love and prosperity must flow together not against one another. The heart is often undermined in patriarchal society and we need to collectively change that. If we dis-value love as less important than material success, our hearts will never find its soul connection. Venus is the duality of feminine (love) and masculine (materialism) aspects we counter in our everyday life. The lesson with Venus is to honor the connection between materialism and love. This relationship cannot co-exist without the other being equally appreciated. What you put value towards in your life will attract loving abundance.

      As I am currently going through a period of reflection and healing in my life, I am trying to repair this relationship of the material and the emotional. I have spent the past few years working against their connection, for I was unaware of the value of them working in unison. It is a personal journey that is taking precedence in my life this year, but I am just in the beginning stages. I have never put much discipline in this area of my life before, but I am glad I am starting now. 

      In this post I am only covering Venus sign placements, if you would like a more detailed version that goes over what house your Venus falls in, you can book a natal chart reading with me through my Etsy. 

Venus In Pisces

      I am starting with Venus in Pisces, because this is currently where Venus is. When you have Venus in the 12th House you encompass the traits of Pisces. During the next few months we will all be under Pisces gentle spell of romantic disarray. You will be feeling more tenderness and acceptance toward yourself and others. Yes, we may be caught up in fantasy at this time, but we must stay aware of delusions we may have in our relationships. Do not forget to question others behaviors. This is not the best sign to commit in, for things are not always what they seem. We may be so caught up on the idea of someone, yet when the mask is pulled from over our eyes, we see the real deal. This is a better energy instead to cultivate new creative ventures that can help you be more prosperous. 

       When you have your Venus in Pisces, you are dreamy, creative, sensitive and enchanting to potential lovers. Romance is something you appreciate and the love you express is unconditional. Pisces have the tendency to help those in need. With this Venus placement you enjoy being the sovereign to your loved one. Dating a Venus in Pisces individual is a challenge, for they are not one to commit easily. They not only have to figure out your feelings towards them, but they need to figure out theirs towards you. There will not be much direction in the game of love when trying to seduce a Venus in Pisces, for they like to keep you on your toes.

     One challenge Venus in Pisces lovers have is succumbing to their shadow self. Pisces rules the deeper parts of our psyche and can easily become caught in the web of their own self-destruction or illusions of the past. This can hinder their forward progress in romance, for they are concentrated on figuring out the deep mysteries of love and what they can do differently this time around. With regards to materialism, your greatest concern is how your creative pursuits can lead you to financial success and achievements. You may find more enjoyment in this area of your chart more so than romance. You are very connected with your imagination to help you create the life you want. You may also find a lover who is the patron of your art or craft. Connecting with people from higher places will help your career extensively and you may meet a potential lover along the way. 

Venus In Aries 

      Venus in Aries folk love love, but prefer to get it their way. All the traditional rules of courtship and chivalry are thrown out the window, for you like to lead in the quest of love. When you find someone that has caught your eye, you are direct in your feelings towards them and want to get started right away in the relationship. The initial stages of the chase are fun in the beginning, but you soon realize that relationships do require a lot of time and energy away from yourself, now that there is another person involved in your life. You may struggle with this concept that you need to put others first sometimes and not every view you have for the relationship will be accepted by your partner. It is best to have some caution in the game of love and to learn restraint. Jumping into something because, it ‘feels’ right in the moment may be fun, but it can be short-lived if you are not careful. 

      Venus works better for you in term of leading material endeavors. Also, there is no stopping your unwavering determination towards a goal you have. Use your impatience in landing a lucrative deal or being the first to jump start a project for your team at work. You can find these attributes will warrant you much success in the material plane. Connect with your Venus by showing the attentive amount of kindness that you give yourself, back to others. People will really appreciate you taking the time to consider their needs, for they know your attention in pulled into many directions. You are truly admirable, allow people to look up to you as you lead them along.

Venus in Taurus

    Slow and steady wins the race and this is your approach not only in life, but in love. With Venus as your ruling planet, there are no challenges manifesting materialism and love into your life. Where others struggle, you are a pro. You take your time in dating and romance for you really want to make sure you feel secure in every choice you make. You are all about making safe investments that reflect the solid future you want to have, so you are in no rush to find the perfect partner. This disciple also connects to material aspects of your life as well. Any move you make in your career or through what you value is done with careful thought and consideration. Venus feels at home in your sign, for you understand how put your desire for materialism to its best advantage. You relay on Venus to guide you in this area of life, for financial achievement is most important to you.

      However, your challenge is to remember the spontaneity of love, so you do not get stuck in your ways. Try to be more adventurous and allow your loved ones to guide you towards exploration. You may have a type or this fabricated idea of what you want in relationships, but it may not be what you really need. You may also fall into the habit of complacency in life, for you are timid when moving into a new direction. Remember, that not all change is negative, but is vital for your growth. Be more open with what you love and value so you do not become stuck in the past or have everyday look the same.

Venus in Gemini

     When you have your  Venus in Gemini, no one can pin you down and no one may really know who you are for very long. You have many different sides of your personality, but this is what makes you an interesting lover. People like to be surprised and you also bring a sense of humor to your love life. This is a breath of fresh air that sets you a part from everyone else. Your lovers enjoy the chase with your, for it is never dull and full of surprises. Each day is different and you desire a lover who was built for adventure. Also, you rule intellect and communication, so whoever has your eye must also have wit and gander. A sense of humor would also be great, so they can laugh at all your jokes. Overall, you need a lover as equally fun as you are, but can keep you grounded both mentally and emotionally. However, you tend to be more intellectually amused, so do not forget to respond to the beating tremors of your heart and allow someone in. 

      In terms of connection to the materialistic side of your Venus, your hearts desires will be in a realm of the written or spoken word. Allow your skill in this area to bring you the coin. Use your power like Samantha Jones - PR extraordinaire from Sex and the City, to help you facilitate more power into your world. Your words and mind can help you create the world you desire. These are your tools and will bring you abundance. If you are shy and afraid of public speaking, this gift does not have to be vocal, but written. On the contrary maybe you have a lot to say and have no filter. You should seriously consider starting a podcast. Thrusting yourself into media will be your key and may even bring you into the spotlight so your crush can notice you.

Venus in Cancer

     Having your Venus in Cancer is a tender placement, for you prefer to put family matters close to your heart. You desire a lover who puts family first and you are completely devoted to your partner and accept all their flaws. However, you may rely on them too much and may be co-dependent on them, especially in financial matters. You must make it a habit to remember power is in your identity, not your families. Also, you may struggle getting caught up in caring for others that you forget about your own needs. Remember if you do not have love for yourself, you will never be able to properly give it back to others. As a lover your devotion knows know bounds and you keep your circle tight, so those in it are worthy of your attention. You know you have a rich but, small circle of love always around you, honor this. You do not need to go far and wide for love is always near your home. 

    On the other side of Venus, do not forget your edge and that you need to be tough from time to time. People will try to take advantage of your compassion. Recognize this and cut ties with these people. Also, you may benefit from working at home, for this is your sacred place. Aligning with career with your family and home life, will work wonders for you. Also, finding passion in teaching, art, and care-giving careers will help you express your need for loving others. Be open to expanding your horizons where your nurturing gifts can shine.

Venus in Leo

      You are the star of the show in love and romance. You desire a lover who treats you like the queen or king that you are. You enjoy the attention of romance and the game of love. Getting swept up in love and your many admirers is the greatest feeling for you. Leo rules romance, children, and the dramatic arts. Use these attributes as your headway into attracting the perfect suitor. Maybe an actor has caught your eye or maybe you have the personality to land any crush with a bat of an eye. You are the lioness of your sexual prowess and the world around you notices. You command the attention of the room and your lover will not have a hard time finding you, for you were born to be seen. On the other hand do not become too cocky or conceited, for you may think you are the star, but what you really desire is to be the sun. Sometimes you have to let others shine and have attention as well. Remember, it is not always about you, there are two lovers in this story. 

     In terms of material success of a Venus in Leo, a career in the arts will honor your enthusiasm. Find creative ways that can excel you into the spotlight with financial rewards as the benefit. Maybe starting a YouTube channel is the answer? Or spearheading a business that works with the social world with you as the face of it. If these ambitions are not for you, then your lover may be of fame and fortune. You will not mind, as long as it benefits you in some way. 

Venus in Virgo 

      When you have your Venus in Virgo you are very particular in matters of the heart. You strive for perfection not only in your partner, but with yourself. You encompass to be the ultimate lover. Yet, remember you are human and chasing perfection will not always be a positive recipe. It is alright to let others see your flaws and that you too make mistakes. Your love language is acts of service for you love to help your lover or have someone help you. Selfless acts of kindness and care is the gateway to your heart. Also, since Virgo rules your relationship with animals, if your lover has a pet or your pet loves them, then you truly have found a winner. 

      Venus in Virgo’s are also very active and health conscious. You need someone who shares a similar conscious lifestyle and I’m not just talking about eating and exercise habits, but spiritual compatibility as well. You desire someone who keeps you grounded and can also inspire you to motive your life in a positive direction. In regards to Venus and the material plane, you do well in life when a plan of action is initiated for your cause. The details surrounding your success are not missed and it shows. You will have achievement where you put your attention and focus. However, Virgo rules the 6th House of working for others, so use this as a benefit. You will do well behind the scenes than at the front of it, this is where your strength lies. 

Venus In Libra

     Venus is also Libra’s ruling planet. Taurus rules the material aspects of Venus, whereas Libra rules the attributes of beauty and partnerships. Your devotion for beauty is completly unprecedented. You strive to surround yourself in visual pleasure for this brings you the utmost joy. Libra rules partnerships so you desire a relationship among most things in life. It is very important for you to be romantically involved with someone, for you feel part of yourself is missing without this type of connection. You live to love and show kindness towards those around you. You desire a lover who is physically attractive, dresses well and is into music. You may find your lover at an art gallery or a concert. Something cultural, maybe even a gala. Your appreciation for beauty will be your quest in life and in it you will strive to find the perfect relationship only you can truly cultivate. 

   Matters of the heart may distract you from the mundane side of life. You have to make sure your love for beauty and luxury is budgeted well to prevent over spending. You may also find solace working at a gallery or in fashion. Let the things you love inspire your career. You will make sure to dress and look the part in any occasion and this will not only set you apart from the crowd, but offer you success on your mission in life. People want to be surrounded by those who dress well and have good energy and you have both. Use this to your advantage. 

Venus in Scorpio

      Love is your greatest mystery, but you secretly do not want the world to know this. You desire a partner who shares your deep world and admires your esoteric taste. Anything traditional and soppy bores you and let’s not forget to talk about sex, for physical touch is your love language. In relationships you are both the feminist and the seductress. You are strong and powerful, but also subtle with your charms. This makes for a lusty combination to your suitors. 

      Scorpio rules other peoples money, and you can use this as a benefit with your Venus placement. This may be an inheritance, trust fund, or money that was owned to you or comes through your lover. However, do no take advance of borrowing without the means of actually returning. You do not want to get caught up in debt and high interest schemes. Watch your money carefully and make sure you invest where you will ultimately find financial reward. 

Venus in Sagittarius

    The world is your oyster so people have a hard time pinning you down for you crave worldly experiences. Lovers will come to you from across the globe and you may even find yourself in a long distance relationship with someone you met through your travels. You desire a lover who comes from a different culture then you or has worldly experience to teach you. A partner who is also your travel buddy is your ideal match. Though the world is your home, you must not forget to establish roots so your relationship can have a foundation to stand on. It is ok to settle down in more ways than one for the thrill will eventually become exhausting overtime. You may also find that you desire someone who is a philosopher and see the worlds through a fresh lens or maybe you are this person in your relationships. Your talent is your storytelling and spontaneous personality, for there is never a dull moment when you are around. On the material side of Venus, you may find that your career and money is created through your travels. You may travel for work or sell a product across the globe. Whatever it is expansion is always own your mind. 

Venus in Capricorn 

     Work is your main beau, but if you find someone just as hard working and determined as you, then you have found your match. You are attracted to those in position of power and prestigious. If they can help expand your business with their position, even better. You may find your lover at work, through colleagues and they may even be your business partner one day. A working relationship to you means that work is involved and is there to benefit the both of you. However, make sure you do not forget taught romance is involved in the equation and is just as equally important. 

      Venus works in your favor on the material scope for you can manifest success, status, and money quite well. Yet, remember your career cannot run your life, for when it is over you want to make sure you have a stable foundation of love to come home to. Your career and business will not take a hit if you open up your heart, it will only help you to be more prosperous. 

Venus in Aquarius

      Love to you is bringing community and friendship together. You look for a lover who is a kind humanitarian and has a large circle of well connected friends that will eventually become your own. You have the air of worldly knowledge and are a fast communicator with wit. People love being around you and you have a unique group of friends that color your world in a more social hue. You are intelligent and your perfect partner shares your thirst for volunteering, diversity, and individuality. You hate to be bored, so your ideal partner must be social and inspires you to see the world in a new way. 

    On the material side of Venus, use your resources, for you have cultivated a unique skill of trades and connections with people from all walks of life. Your clients are of a diverse range and spread your talents far and wide. You prefer to make money through the people you know and have them tell others about your line of work. You find money through unusual and genius outlets. The internet is also a fruitful venue for you as well. 

      I hope this post inspired you to have your Venus placement guide you. If it’s teachings are tough, remember the struggle molds you towards a greater future. Venus will not challenge you as harshly as Saturn, but is a soft push for you to set out on the right path that honors your destiny. Learn, connect, and grow with your Venus. so your life can be rich with love and prosperity. 

The Punk Priestess 
Art by Good Hussey
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