Uranus in Taurus: Part 2

    Hey astro lovers, so I wanted to touch base a little bit on this unpredictable Uranus in Taurus transit. As a refresher, Uranus permanently went into Taurus on March 6th 2018 and will stay in this formation until April 2026. Whew, a long time. 

      Let’s get started. Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac and it rules our Values. Uranus is the planet of individuality and unpredictability. While Taurus is a stable fixed Earth sign, so think stubborn and diligent, Uranus calls for us to invent a new world around us and look what is happening with Biden now as our president.  Over the course of the next few years, we will be guided by Uranus to change our ways of thinking and to get out of our stale cycles that no longer serve our higher truth. However, this cannot be done until we value our self-worth. 

Self-Worth Is A Value 

       When many people think of Taurus they immediately jump to this sign ruling money. They are not wrong, but there is more to this sign than valuing materialistic endeavors. Taurus rules the value we have of ourselves and who we are. Over the next seven years we will be called by our guides to reflect on if we really love and value who we truly are, or if we are just pretending? Self-Worth means accepting both the negative and the positive sides of ourselves. There is beauty in our darkness. You will never be able to hide it forever, for the world will force the shadows out of us eventually. It is best to get well-acquainted with our shadow self and speak it into existence so we no longer fear the darkness of our depths. Uranus reminds us that healing ourselves is a revolutionary act of self-love. 

     Taurus’s ruling planet is Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. By having self-worth you know that you are beautiful despite what the beauty stands of the day are or what the world is trying to tell you. The only voice you must listen to is your own. When you honestly and truly recognize and appreciate your beauty not only in your physical appearance, but through your talents and gifts, is when you attract more abundance into your life. You cannot create the life you want through self-deprivation and insecurity. You can only truly create the magic in your life by having self-love and self-acceptance. 

    For many cycles in my own life I always felt that I was the black sheep not only in my family, but in my everyday life. I never truly honored my gifts or sought to not only empower myself with them, but to help offer guidance to others until a few years ago. It took honoring who I was and connecting with people who mirrored my world, that I was able to step into my destiny with confidence. Now everyday I declare and promote who I am to the world without shame and insecurity that people will think I am weird, but with knowing I am cool for being who I am. 

     Accepting that you are beautiful, you are talented, and a magical being means that you trust the universe to work in your favor. Taurus is all about possessions and the physical act of sustaining and maintaining what you bring into your life. Now is the time with the help of Uranus to create the life you want through your unique gifts and abilities. Use your skills to bring abundance into your life that will honor who you are and will eventually help others honor themselves. 

 You Are the Revolution 

    Remember Uranus is the planet of unpredictability and Taurus is very stable minded and does not like shake-ups. There will be some frustration along this new path you uncover. However, expect the unexpected. Also, predict that your plan will change and your goals may alter instantly to make room for something new to arrive.

    Now is the time to receive what you wish for, but allow the wish to come to you on its own terms. It is time to let down our guard so things can flow into our lives. Ask yourself what type of people, possessions, love, energy, and rewards  you want to flow into your life? Once you have the confidence in yourself to know that you deserve your desires, you will no longer struggle to make your wishes possible. 

   Ask yourself where do you want your time, energy, and money to go into over the next seven years? Do you want to start a business, a creative endeavor, a family? Where you put your money is very telling for not only the type of person you are, but the life you what to live. Your reality is tangible. What do you truly want to possess?

      Uranus in the 2nd House will inspire us to use our talents. This imaginative planet is here to help us possess what we truly desire and to elevate us to the next level of our soul’s journey. It is time to be revolutionary in how we live our lives. This revolution starts with you embracing who you were truly meant to be. Over the next seven years it is time to step out of the shadows, share your story, and have fun inventing the person you were meant to be. For where you fall you will always land on your feet if you know who you are.

The Punk Priestess
Art by Sierra Likespi
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