The Signs: Sex & the City Edition

     I know this topic has been much debated, but here is my opinion on each main characters 'Top 3' Astrology signs.

      You cannot be a young woman living in New York City not having watched Sex and the City. It is basically a young woman’s right of passage. The many themes and topics discussed on the show and now movies are still relevant today, 20 years after its debut. I believe this show is so special and has had much success, because these four fabulous independent women live a life that is both fanciful and realistic at the same time. Most women who watch this show identify with a character or find themselves in all of them. However, those living, working, dating, and having sex in the city, will relate to this show the most for this is really what it is like living in New York.  In this post I am going to share what I believe each characters sun, moon, and rising sign is. Many astrologers have tired to solve this mystery before, so I decided to give it my input. When I re-watch the series for the 100th time, their zodiac signs are always at the front of my mind. Enjoy this post and I hope it inspires you to know a little bit more about your favorite character’s personality. 

Aries Sun, Capricorn Rising, Virgo Moon

       Miranda is known as the ultimate feminist, power babe and most grounded to reality. We all appreciate her straight talk and her uninhibited ways to never hold back her mind on a topic. As an Aries, Miranda is bold, assertive, strong and men cannot stop falling in love with her. Her je ne sais quoi is binary, for she balances femininity and masculinity in an effortless way. In terms of career, Miranda is extremely hard working and actually loves her work. This is influenced by her Capricorn rising, for her career is her identity.  With being a top attorney, Miranda works tirelessly to accomplish her status in a field dominated by men. Her voltage is ignited by her Aries sun, but is disciplined by the earthy elements of her Virgo and Capricorn placements. Miranda’s Virgo moon allows her to connect deeply to her cause and she never forgets the details of a case. 

       Virgo rules working for others, unlike Samantha who has her own PR company, Miranda strives to climb the corporate ladder in a more traditional way by working for a law firm. Her Capricorn ambitions drive her to be seen as someone of importance in the workplace. As the series goes on, Miranda marries Steve who is a bartender and less established as her. This creates an internal struggle for her independence, but also makes a great balance as well.  Miranda is so used to being on top of her game in the office, that Steve’s nonchalant personality allows her to be more down to earth when she comes home. Also, when she has her son, Miranda is super protective and maintains her career and family life. This is due to her Capricorn element inspiring her to be a natural matriarch of the home. Coupled with her Virgo moon, allows her to be the ultimate provider. Overall,  Miranda is the boisterous warrior of the crew and is one of the most unpredictable characters of the show that we are forever drawn to watching.

Pisces Sun, Libra Rising, Taurus Moon

     Charlotte is the ultimate Upper East Side debutant, with an artistic temperament. What is first evident when watching the series, is that Charlotte is a traditionalist thanks to her Taurus moon. She chases her desire for familial bliss, by trying to find the perfect husband, kids, apartment and interior design. Her mission for the picture perfect life, is inspired by her Libra rising affliction for appearances. Charlotte’s aspirational chase takes precedence throughout the entire show. However, we do find that once Charlotte accomplishes her task for perfection, it is not what she really wanted all along. Succumbing to her Pisces sun, wills her at times to be anti-status quo, for she is naturally drawn to the avant grade through the art gallery that she owns. In truth, Charlotte finds refuge and escapism through art, because the world around her cannot compete with her high standards. She constantly doubts her faith if she can truly have it all and how to maintain it. She does however eventually get there, but it was not by her original design. 

      Due to her passion for art, Charlotte is equally financially successful, thanks in part to her Taurus moon’s drive to make a steady profit. Otherwise being a Pisces, her love of art would just be that, admiration. Yet, Charlotte has a low-key entrepreneurial spirit coupled with her Libra rising’s sophisticated taste level. 

     No one willingly admits they are a Charlotte, for she is sentimental, a bit of a prude and a hopeless romantic. We all must admit we do want the finer things in life and Charlotte is just brave enough to embrace it. I think we should all take a lesson from Charlotte’s pink highlighted and margin filled rule book, that we need to raise our own standards when it comes to men, design, and appearances in our life. Charlotte has boundaries, yes sometimes she breaks them but only to evolve, however, her Taurus moon makes her stubborn enough to stick to them. What the majority of women struggle with in terms of valuing their worth, Charlotte has mastered. Charlotte does have her ups and downs in her first marriage being unsuccessful, but to her unpredictable whirlwind romance of her second husband allowed her to tear down her guard and fully embrace herself. Also, before Charlotte converted to Judaism, she was into more spiritual pursuits. Her Pisces sun drove her to take a deep dive into the mystical world of divination and even voodoo which was cool. However, Charlotte always returned back to the truth that she knew all along, to trust her vision. 

Leo Sun, Aries Rising, Scorpio Moon 

      Samantha is defiantly one of the most enjoyable characters to watch in the series, for she is completely herself all the time. She has no filter, loves sex and is not afraid to shout it to the world. Samantha is a Leo sun, because she is transparent. Unafraid to speak her mind, being dramatic when need be and the ultimate celebrity in the room, you understand Samantha is a person of importance in her world. Most importantly, she expects an audience to notice her. That audience being men to desire her and for women to want to be her. She lives for the male gaze, but in a lustful way not one of insecurity; for Samantha is never that! Aries rules passion and Scorpio rules sex and with those two combined in Samantha’s rising and moon placements, makes this her prerogative. Sex, Sex and more Sex is Samantha’s life line. With her Aries rising’s need to get what she wants and to conquer the men around her in the bedroom, she is truly irresistible to the opposite sex. Samantha is uninhibited when it comes to getting laid and more women need to take note and honor their sexual desires. Also, with her Aries rising, Samantha loves sports, this sport being men. 

    Driven by her Scorpio moon, Miranda is extremely ambitious and successful in her career. She owns her own PR firm, which is such a Leo pursuit, for it allows her to be seen and heard. Samantha likes to control the people around her and to always have a jump up on the competition. With her Aries influence, her career allows her much independence both physically and financially. For Samantha, likes the best of everything from men, designer handbags, and the trendiest  apartment in Meatpacking district. Samantha is the ultimate femme fatale that we strive to be.

Aries Sun, Gemini Rising, Capricorn Moon 

      So old news, we ALL know everyone thinks they are a Carrie. I mean of course, she is the main character, has a fabulous collection of designer shoes, writes for a magazine and lives on the UES, in what today would be quite a fictional lifestyle. I was once under this presumption that I was most like Carrie too (being I am an Aries sun and have a Capricorn moon), and I will explain why so many fall under her warm positive spell in this post. I first marked Carrie as a Gemini sun, however when re-watching the series I noticed that they celebrated Carrie’s birthday in the beginning of Spring when light jackets and sherpa sweaters being worn. This signaled to me that Carrie was an Aries sun! This makes total sense, because of her devotion to fashion and nonconformist approach to living. Her clothes and how can we forget the shoes, is what makes Carrie physically the most interesting on the show. Every scene we wonder what Carrie is wearing and who designed it. She identifies with herself through fashion, and rightfully so, for she is the ultimate NY woman with eccentric taste. Also, Aries make rash decisions, love to spend and have a taste for luxury, this totally explain’s Carrie’s shopping addiction in a nutshell.

      Carrie is so cool, because she is truly unique in an unconventional way. She writes about relationships and sex for a magazine and is successful at this. Her Capricorn moon allows her to stay committed to deadlines and to strive to put her work out there for millions of readers each week. Carrie’s love of writing is inspired by her Gemini rising, for writing is her love language and how she makes sense of the world around her. This is also partly to blame for her out there choices in men and decision’s down the line, but she balances the unpredictable and self-destructive twin persona very well. Carrie has an alluring appeal to viewers, because she is adventurous and takes risks in love, fashion and career that we all want to make. She is a true individual with her Aries spirit and genuinely wants not only the best for herself, but for the people in her life. Carrie is witty, non-threatening, hedonistic, and approachable as we watch her in awe as she makes her way in NYC. 

Aquarius Sun, Gemini Rising, Cancer Moon

       I most confess I never really cared for Big. Yet, I guess there is some element of asshole. women will always find attractive in men and Big owns this. He is totally an Aquarius sun, for he is extremely aloof and hints at noncommittal, until to the point of viewership exhaustion. Big is a character that you either love or hate. Inside we know you are secretly hoping for him to change his ways or are cheering for his demise, so Carrie can really get him off her mind. I always thought when watching the show, how annoying it must be to  constantly be running into your on and off again ex. In reality this never happens in NY, but the universe was pushing for Big to be the ultimate catch-me-if-you-can prick in Carrie’s life. Yet, what Big represented to the world was an never ending example of how most NY men really are. 

        As an Aquarius, Big is emotionally all over the place. He is a charmer, worldly, wealthy and independent as a default. Yet, with his Cancer moon he struggles really owning up to the fact that he wants to settle down with a family and find the One. Big is also very close to his mother, another Cancer attribute. Carrie as an Aries sun, likes to win and get what she wants. Her Capricorn Moon mingled with his Cancer moon establishes that they desire the same thing, but go about it differently. This is their constant struggle when trying to navigate the road of their future. Big’s detachment is also an issue for Carrie, causing much frustration and confusion for her throughout the show. Yet, secretly Big knows that Carrie is the one and once he puts aside his Peter Pan Gemini rising two-faced attitude and listens to his Cancer Moon’s desires, he will find that commitment is the answer. 

     I hope you learned a bit more about your favorite Sex and the City characters personalty. Hopefully when reading this post you can identify more with them. I love this show and though finding the themes I am currently living through expressed through the characters of the show! 

Stay Fabulous, 

The Punk Priestess
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