Taurus Season: In Friendship & Kombucha

The 2nd House 

      Each astrological sign has a house, and Taurus governs the 2nd. The 2nd House rules our Possessions. Meaning, basically anything material like our home or foundation, money, and material/luxury goods. On a less-tangible note, the 2nd House holds value in our self-worth, personal growth, and what we cultivate in life. While Aries rules the 1st House (which you can learn more about in my Aries Season post from last month), starts the beginning of understanding our relationship with Self. Taurus brings this practice of Self, to the next level, by having us Own who we truly are. In the 2nd House we have moved on from just caring about ourselves and looking out for number 1, to taking ownership of our actions and making something of them. It is where we build and take pride in our material gain throughout life. The 1st House is action-oriented while the 2nd House is purposeful. It all connects.

      The 2nd House is aligned with Venus, the planet of love and money which governs Taurus. Venus wants you to honor what you love and value, both inside of yourself and on the surface. Knowing your birth chart and what signs or planets you have in the 2nd House, can give you more insight on what you personally value.

    For example I have Libra in my 2nd House. I hold value to beauty, art, and fashion. I also have a taste for luxury, so owning expensive things and having a very attractive looking home is super important to me. I also tend to spend most of my money on my artistic temperament and I am learning to be more mature in this area. All with growth, right?  Also, I make my money through fashion by being a designer, so the 2nd house has also influenced my career choice. 

      Another example would be if you had Scorpio in the 2nd House. With this placement, you will most likely live off of other peoples money or be in a situation where you have to loan people money for some time in your life. You could have a trust fund or have inheritance of some sort that will be your main source of income. You may also struggle with grounding yourself at home, for Taurus in the opposite sign of Scorpio. There may be an intensity of the home life with whose energy you allow in your space. You also may have a successful career through something esoteric like owning a witch shop or a career with divination as the main influence. 

Money Moves 

   Probably most important, is that money is the main attribute of the 2nd House. This is how you use your ability to manifest money into your life. This is either through the career you have or the actions you take to have more security in your life. We are either savers or spenders and your 2nd House placement influences your attitude and ideals towards money. In my Tarot Card of the Month post ( which you and refer to in the Tarot section of my blog), I talk about the Ace of Pentacles which governs money. I feel that this post is very relevant to how we can better establish our relationship to our resources and it’s main medicine for the Uranus in Taurus transit. I highly recommend you read this post to inspire you to create a more conscious approach to not only appreciating, but attaining more money in your life.

    Making money and having money is not the only side of finances that rule the 2nd House. The not so fun part of our relationship with debt, financial loses, savings, budgeting, and status falls under this house as well. Capricorn rules our status through our career and Taurus rules our financial status in the world. I also think it is interesting that the 1st House is very freedom loving and finds this freedom through self-expression. Whereas the 2nd House finds freedom through financial reward. Money can provide you the freedom to spend or travel, which will ultimately grant you more happiness. Whoever said ‘money cannot buy you happiness’ clearly did not know astrology and was defiantly not a Taurus. 

Hippie Freak

    Money is green and so is the Earth. The 2nd House is most connected to our relationship with the Earth and how we honor and protect it. If you have any planets in your birth chart that fall into the 2nd House you will see how your relationship with the Earth is impactful or not. It is very important for us as humans, to maintain a spiritual connection to the Earth, despite contributing to Capitalist society. We cannot forget how the Earth provides and nourishes us. The 2nd House wants us to take accountability for our physical existence on Earth and we can all do better in this area of our lives. Spending time in nature and growing our own food can be a source of this. Ok, enough of my hippie talk, let’s move on to learning about the Taurus in our lives.

The Persoanlity 

   Taurus is an Earth sign and their season is from April 20th - May 20th. One thing you will notice about Taurus, is their soft demeanor. They are not aggressive, showy types like Aries. They hold themselves with grace, coming off as statuesque, for they are very self-assured. Taurus depicts themselves as peaceful and at ease, for they are not trying to shake things up like fire signs. They prefer to take their time and follow whoever is leading them at the moment. Tauruses are very easy going and putting up a fight is not their style.

      The big key words to describe the Taurus personality is bull-headed and Stubborn. To understand why, you must know that Tauruses move through life slowly. They are not in the race and they have little concern for the competition happening around them. Unlike every other sign being distracted by one another and what they are doing, Tauruses could care less preferring to stay on the side-lines. They prefer to work hard to create a life others will be envious of and want for themselves. This is not the main goal of course, but having material success is a Tauruses life-line and they take their own sweet time to do this. Yes, this would annoy most signs, for they think it is a waste of time, but Tauruses live their life by serious planning and deliberation hoping it will ensure the best results. In their mid they are right to go about life this way, while other signs prefer to take action head on and jump into the flames.

     When a Taurus fights you on something, know that they have probably spent more time deliberating and thinking about the matter at hand more than you. Tauruses come prepared and love the research behind an idea. This preparation and methodical thought process does not mean that they are right in the end, but it will be no small feat trying to convince them to see things your way. Changing the mind of a Taurus can be very frustrating and tiresome, but they will appreciate you not giving up. If you break them down overtime they will eventually give in.

Out In The Wild 

      Tauruses constantly weigh the pros and cons about everything before they make a decision. This can result in them missing out on the adventures side of life. While Aries are strong on the surface, Taurus are strong willed underneath. Their silent strength can surprise some people, for they are very stable minded and strong wiled. They have the stamina to work on something for years until it is completed. When they have a goal in mind they work hard to will it into existence. Unlike most sign, Tauruses really need structure in their lives, for without it they fear that their life will fall apart. However, their life can become stagnant and they can fall into complacency. If they get too caught up in their ways they can miss multiple opportunities that others are grabbing. Tauruses believe that freedom is in the security they create and control. If you really want the Taurus in your life to make a change that will bereft them, you have to have a well detailed list for how your plan can work.  Tauruses hold more precedence in results and strategy than words and ideas.

   In the end, all this decision making can result in them being lazy and spending time away from the busy aspects of life. Tauruses do not have FOMO and prefer to be in their own space. They have worked hard to build the life they want and now they want to enjoy it. Do not feel insulted if a Taurus does not want to go out all the time, they are not a very extroverted sign and prefer their own company. 

Frugal As Fudge

    You would think that since Taurus rules the 2nd House of Money, that they would like to spend it right? Dead Wrong. Tauruses are the most frugal sign of the zodiac, preferring to save for the rainy day than living in the moment. Yet, it works out for them, for they end up eventually splurging on something fabulous. No one can budget like a Taurus and they will probably be the one teaching you steps on how to save money. You cannot just have nice things by making money, you have to save for it too. Tauruses will also never waste money on useless things unless it comes to FOOD! They love food! This is their luxury. Many Tauruses will end up having careers as chefs or just simply enjoy the art of cooking. They love to wine and dine and will have a well-refined taste platte that they take much pride in. 

Dating A Taurus: SOS

    While Aries are all about the chase of love, Taurus are about the reward of the capture. As anything in a Tauruses life, good things Take Time. They take the longest time to not only make a decision about you, but to commit to you. Tauruses want to make sure that you match all their attributes and your goals align with theirs. They do not want any surprises and want to know what they are getting into before they commit fully. Taurus are very ‘safe’ in the game of love, which is probably why I have a disastrous time dating this sign, because I do not have the patience to ‘Wait’ for someone to make a decision about me. Yet, for those of you that do, I salute you! 

       Tauruses will spend months and even years making sure that you are the ‘right’ fit for them. They will do all the investigative work and want to make sure you are ‘grounded’. This energy jells well with other Earth and Water signs, for they have the patience and will think all this waiting is flattering. Maybe so, but for air and fire signs this just screams Boring! So my advice for any Tauruses out there trying to court a fire or air sign, is to step up the chemistry or you will lose them in your decision making.

       Also, forget about a Taurus making a first move. They probably aren’t ready or have come to the conclusion as if they life you. Painful! It will be up to you to make your feelings known to your Taurus crush. On the flip-side, once a Taurus commits they do so for the long run. Out in the wild you really only find Tauruses in long term relationships. Side bar: Tauruses are also known to be traditionally great in bed. Again they may have mastered the basics, but they need to learn to be more adventures in this area and spice things up. Routine is not always successful in the game of love and sex.

In Friendship and Kombucha 

    Tauruses show that strength is in silence. You do not have to be the loudest, most attractive, or interesting in the room to be worthy of attention. For their genuine kindness will speak volumes. Personally one of my best friends is a Taurus and I have known them to be one the kindest and most supportive friends in my life. Yes, you may have to tell them your point of view 10 times before it registers, but once they get it they support it. As a friend Tauruses will give you the best strategy for your problems and are always down to just chill at home with delivery and wine of course is included. Also, all of my Taurus friends are really conscious of their impact on the Earth and are super healthy. To the point that making their own kombucha at home is a weekly routine. This conscious way of living is inspirational and what the world needs. You will also find that many Tauruses love the outdoors. Anything campy or nature immersed is right up their ally. Or they are the complete opposite and prefer to stay in fancy hotels with room service on speed dial. Whatever may be the case, the 2nd House shines though.

       Thanks for reading and enjoy your Taurus Season

The Punk Priestess
Art by Ana Paula Hoppe
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