Tarot 101: How To Learn

There is nothing I love more than hearing my friends and family express their newfound interest in tarot. Yet, sometimes when you discover a new interest you may feel overwhelmed on where to begin. You want to make sure you have the right resources that are not only credible, but that you connect with as well. I wrote this post as a guide to help new readers embrace tarot even more! I love that the collective is working with and healing with divination and that tarot is having a resurgence in this uncertain time (thanks to the Pluto in Scorpio generation, you’re welcome)! 

      I believe tarot is the best form of divination and therapy. The healing is effective, because daily you are channeling your intuition and it helps you stay present in your life. I could go on and on about the benefits of tarot and how ON it is when you use It daily, but this post is about learning tarot. One of the most important things to remember is that tarot is a personal practice. There is no wrong way to read the cards. Sometimes we stress if we should take classes, if people will take us seriously with our craft or if we are reading tarot the right way? Do not waste your energy on the ‘what if’s’ for part of creating a relationship with your magic is making it your own. 

      What may work for someone may not connect with you and that is ok. Down the line you will find your way and that is part of the art of learning tarot. I have learned throughout the years of reading tarot that it does not matter what people think about your practice, for it is Personal, so take ownership of it with confidence. The more confident of a reader you are the more credible you will be! Below is a guide on how to get into tarot and make it your own so you can find confidence in reading the cards not only for yourself, but eventually for others in the future.

1.) Buying the Right Deck 

      In a previous post called Tarot How To: Selecting Your Deck, I talk about the process and the importance of selecting your first deck. Please refer to this post to get further detail on this to help you get started.

2.) How to Learn? 


    The best way to learn the cards is to relate them to your life. You may have heard this before, but pulling a card a day is a great way to see how it relates to your life. This is how you can start making connections to the cards and in return memorizing the meanings. If your deck does not come with a guide book there are many different websites you can go on that will help you learn the cards. My favorite and most popular is Biddy Tarot. It is more traditional in its approach to the cards, but they make tarot very easy to understand. Other sites I like are The Tarot Guide, Labyrinthos, and Auntyflo. Specifically, if you have questions regarding love and relationships, Priania is a great site for this.  Here are the links below:







     When I started learning tarot I took a few tarot classes, but I felt what really helped me memorize and connect with the cards was by creating tarot journals. I now teach tarot classes twice a year to help others learn. The next class registration will be April 2021. Stay tuned on my social media for more announcements on my class. 

I still refer to my journals today when I feel stuck in a reading. Here are the steps to create the journals that I find most helpful.

1.) Buying 3 mini journals each in a different color. I bought mine from the local drugstore.

2.) Purchase a mini tarot deck - they are very inexpensive to buy online or in an occult/holistic shop. 

3.) Journal 1: 

     Use for the Major Arcana suite. I would start the page by taping the first tarot card of the suite and then write the research next to it like the following:

A.) Description/Imagery of the card B.) Upright meaning C.) Reversed meaning

       I did this for each card of the Major Arcana so that way when I was referring to the cards I had an image and a detailed description of the card to refer to. Learning the images of the cards is very important when first trying to learn tarot. Eventually when you have it memorized you will be able to connect everything effortlessly. 

4.) Journals 2 & 3:

       Use these journals for the Minor Arcana. I split the four suits into the 2 journals. One journal will be Pentacles and Cups, because water and earth are compatible elements. Then the 3rd journal is for Wands and Swords representing the fire and air suites. You do not have to split the suites up this way, this has personally been my practice for I connect tarot to astrology.

        By writing down the meaning of the cards I was able to learn and memorize the cards better. Also, the journals are easy to travel with for they are mini. In my opinion learning tarot this way has been the most effective. Yes, It is time consuming creating these journals, but do not rush the process. How serious are you about mastering tarot and how well you want your practice to be? In the end you will be grateful for the journals and can even pass them along to a friend to help them on their own tarot journey. 


      There are many tarot books as there are websites. Many tarot decks come with guide books which is great, but sometimes you want something a little more detailed. Below are some links of tarot books that have not only helped me, but I think are great to learn and see different ways the cards can be read. Here are the links below. 






     One of my favorite ways to learn more about the cards and keep up-to date on the latest in the tarot community is through Podcasts. Sometimes listening to a podcast can be a refreshing way to learn new meanings of the cards or to have your tarot questions answered. Also, podcasts feel more personal, because you can follow your favorite tarot podcaster on social media and engage with them. Some readers like my favorite Lindsey Mack from Tarot for the Wild Soul, offers tarot courses you can take every year that will help you become a better reader. Here is a list of my favorite tarot Podcasts: 







3.) Practice Practice Practice 

              The only way to truly know tarot and to connect with your deck is to practice on yourself. Do not believe the lie that reading tarot for yourself is wrong. This is the most ludicrous thing I often hear that some people still believe. This message discourages someone from really embracing their intuition and reading abilities. How will you learn if you do not connect with the cards and practice on yourself? You cannot read for others unless you understand the cards! I still pull cards for myself everyday with my breakfast and it helps set the precedence for my day. I feel more alive and that I really embrace my daily life and live it fully when I pull tarot cards daily. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in the past or venturing off into the future, but by pulling daily cards you start to question your present reality which in turn helps you become more self aware. 

     4.) Reading for Others

    I will write another post for more advanced readers who feel ready to take their practice to the next level and start reading for others. I hope this post offers you insight and resources on how to start learning tarot and taking your practice to the next level.

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