Pisces Season: A Distant Star Illuminating

      Hello loves, we are at the finish line in our zodiac year, as we enter Pisces on February 19th - March 20th. Before spring can arrive and new beginnings can flourish in Aries season, we must first complete our endings. Pisces is one of the most mystical and mysterious zodiac signs and I will dive deeper into this fishy sign in this post. As we learn about Pisces, we will touch base on the 12th House which falls under this sign and its ruling planet Neptune.  We will also talk about the most notorious Pisces of all time, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and what it is like dating a Pisces. This astrological year is coming to an end, but before you can race off into the sunsets of your new chapter, we must first close this one first. 

The 12th House 

      The 12th House in the natal chart, governs Pisces and is directed by its main planet Neptune. Interestingly enough, before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was Pisces ruling planet. Still to this day astrologers consider Jupiter as a co-planet for this sign. With these two planets, mystery was bestowed into this house’s reputation and spiritual expansion was part of the complex. Neptune is the planet that governs are dreams, creativity, and philosophy. The 12th House is very mystical for it rules our unconscious/subconscious mind, intuition, instinct, and secrets. Any place of confinement like, jails, hospitals, institutions, asylums, danger, secret enemies and clandestine affairs, fall under the 12th House as well.  The 12th House is very deep for it caters to our hidden psychological issues and how we deal with them. In astrology, Aries is the first sign that rules the ‘self’. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, that rules ‘self-undoing’. This is a key word associated with the 12th House, for we are healing ourselves from ourself. We are healing ourselves from the action we took and the mistakes we have made, so we can be restored again. In this house we work behind the scenes in our lives. We are more focused on fixing any issue we have either ignored over the year by burying it deep inside us, or have been afraid to deal with. The 12th House is very misunderstood, for it represents when we are alone in the world and the most vulnerable.

         During this signs tenure, we need be in-tuned with the power of karma. As we focus on doing the inner work, we will be conscious of how our actions led us to these painful experiences. We are spitutally cleansing ourselves at this time and our dark will now see the light as we work on restoring our karma. We can only see the clarity in our shadows if we take time to approach them and are un-frightened by the response we may receive. The 12th House is also called the House of Reckoning, for in this season we are reviewing the actions of the year, both the good and the bad. Self-development is not easy as we make sense of our lives, but we cannot be afraid of the inner work that needs to be done. As humans, we are always in a state of repair. Pisces just helps us be more conscious to it. No one is perfect and everyone has some type of issue they are working though. 

      The 12th House carries a heavy energy, for it wants us to be successful once the new year begins on March 21st, when Aries season arrives. In order for success to be manifested into our lives, we must confront the failure of the past. At this time, we must focus on our emotional and spiritual transformation. We may feel confined or stuck during this process, but this is for our benefit so we are not reluctant when we need to move forward. 

Kurt Cobain: The Forever Pisces Mood    

     When I describe Pisces to people, I always use the perfect example of the ultimate Pisces, which is Kurt Cobain. Kurt (the singer of the greatest rock band in the world, Nirvana for those of you who should already know) was a Pisces and one of the most talented musicians to grace this Earth. He was kind, loving, and artistic, but had deep psychological issues streaming from his childhood that were never fully resolved. His art was his coping mechanism, which thrusted him into fame and success. However, despite all the staus he achieved, Kurt struggled with fame and being in the spotlight. He eventually turned to drugs as a way of dealing with the stress and emotional torment of the past. This then lead to his demise by him taking his own life. This is Pisces in a nutshell, for they are extremely talented and intuitive, but they struggle with the demands of the outside world. If inner issues go untreated in their lives, it can be detrimental for them.  Outside council is recommended for Pisces to deal with their deep emotions. For they are always on the brick of brilliance and self-destruction. 

Why Are You Crying? I’m A Pisces! 

       The symbol of Pisces is two fish in a circle chasing each others tail. Pisces has a reputation in astrology as being hyper sensitive, for they are a water sign. Pisces folk carry the emotional trauma of other people, for the sake of compassion. Pisces are very in-tune with the spiritual realm. The 12th House is known to be where our spirit guides or guardian angels reside. During Pisces season we may be more connected to their messages or reconnecting with our own spirituality. Our spirit guides are calling out to us, to make some changes in our lives, for they really want the best for our future. 

      When it comes to the relationships Pisces establish in their lives, it is real depth or nothing at all.  Pisces are so above surface-level connections and hold authenticity as a default. Pisces are the shoulders people come to cry on, for they are naturally caring, empathetic, artistic, intuitive, self-less, generous and emotional. Pisces really want the best for the people in their lives and do not mix well with confrontation and competition. They are so focused on getting to the root of the problem and fixing it. They are willing to do the hard work for peace not only in their own lives, but the lives of others. Pisces individuals are very popular, because they are great friends and care about the people they spend time with. Fire signs are all about themselves, Air signs are all about their ideas, Earth signs are all about their productivity and Water signs are all about the needs of others. Pisces are sensible and receptive to the energy around them. They are great at giving advice to others and are adaptable, being able to make friends with may different personalities. 

      Imagination and fantasy are two traits that make up the Pisces personality. They are the dreamers and artists of the zodiac. If you have a lot of Pisces in your natal chart, these are areas in your life where your creative abilities are heightened. With this ability, Pisces have the talent to think in abstract unconventional ways. They may also have some type of artistic ability for many Pisces people are artist or musicians. Some other traits of Pisces people, is that they are kind, over-sensitive, selfless and escapists. They have the tendency to be so focused on helping others with their problems, that they forget their own. I once met a Pisces that told me he tries to avoid taking on the emotional weight of others, for it is something else he has to carry. If this does not sum up being a Pieces person, I do not know what does. The true lesson for Pisces is to learn how to balance the needs of other with those of their own. They can benefit by expressing their deep world through art, therapy, or music. 

      On the low-vibe of Pisces, they are known to be procrastinators of the zodiac. They really have to be inspired to make effort in some area in their life. The more earth and fire signs that are in their natal chart, the more dynamic and ambitious they will be. Otherwise, they can have a hard time sticking to a routine, job or earning money, for they are elusive and weighed down by the many challenges of the world. Also, on the low vibe of Pisces, they can be moody, negative, and have a lack of focus in their life. This area of the chart does also cater to drugs, alcohol and other forms of self-destruction. Pisces may use drugs as a coping mechanism for their internal wounds. Pisces are the most likely to struggle with some type of addiction or unhealthy habits, if they do not seek help in forms of therapy or deep soul searching. 

Dating a Pisces 

      I will write a more indepth post in the future of Venus in Pisces, but let’s briefly talk about dating a Pisces. Your love style depends on where Venus falls in your natal chart (mine happens to be in Pisces), but here will just be a lesson into dating a Pisces based on their  sun sigh. Again, in astrology, Pisces have a misunderstood reputation and are known to be the least liked in the dating world. This is an unfair stigma, for Pisces people are either very open in their relationship or closed off until they trust and know you better. If you date a Pisces, know that emotional baggage is part of the deal and I’m not taking just about there’s, but yours as well. Pisces are attracted to people they can ‘fix, because it takes the pressure off of them really fixing themselves. They can be very obsessive and equally self-destructive in love. They make for very compassionate lovers, but must be careful not to trust people too quickly, for they could get their hearts broken. Pisces love unconditionally and will accept you for you. In the words of Kurt Cobain ‘Come as you are’. When you date a Pisces, expect to be romanced and be deeply desired. They will hold your feelings, need, and wishes to heart. They really are the emo prince/princess charming of the zodiac. They are sensitive lovers that fall madly for the one they admire.

These are my Pisces feels, I am sure more will come later, but in the meantime I hope you enjoyed this post! 

The Punk Priestess
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