Midheaven: The Breakdown

      You may have heard about the Midheavn, also known as the MC, before taking a deep dive into your birth chart or in your early learnings of astrology. The Midheavn is a vital part of learning about one’s natal chart. Recently, as I am getting older I feel more connected to my Midheaven in Cancer more than I ever have before. When I read a clients natal chart, the MC is one of my top three important points to find and I will explain why in this post. Understanding your MC will help you create a deeper knowing of yourself and your destiny’s calling. 

What Is A Midheaven?

      Let’s have a brief astrology refresher: your natal chart is in a wheel shape and this wheel is divided into 12 separate parts known as houses. Each house represents each zodiac sign. The sign that lands in the 10th House is your Midheaven. The 10th House is located at the top of the birth chart. It is called the Medium Coeli which translates to ‘in the midst of heaven’. The Midheaven overseas our career, reputation, and legacy in the world. It is very important to identify and become familiar with your Midheaven so you can be more in tune with the direction your intuition wants you to go in. Sometimes in life we may feel directionless, so calling on the needs of your Midheaven can offer you reinsurance on the path you need to take. 

      From a young age, I always knew what I wanted to do and that was to have a career in fashion. I continued to pursue that young dream of becoming a fashion designer and it manifested. However, there was also a hidden yearning inside of me to use my clairvoyant abilities. I did not realize that my Midheaven was calling out to me, to adapt divination into the more extroverted areas of my life, until I turned 25. At this age, a switch went on inside of me.  It took time to really unlock what my Midheaven was trying to tell me. To be honest, at first I struggled realizing the potential of my gift. I was self-conscious to even announce to others that I read tarot and was an astrology guru. Instead of owning my magic publicly, I was embarrassed by it. I was afraid that I would be deemed too weird or not credible, so I kept it to myself. However, I knew that I needed to forget what others believed and to honor the truth inside me. I needed to embrace my calling  and share my special gift of insight with the rest of the world. Once Saturn went into the 10th House in 2017, I knew it was time to live my truth. This eventually evolved in The Punk Priestess being born.

     When you are off-beat with your destiny, parts of your natal chart will make themselves known. They are the focal points that serve to guide you when an area of your life feels off track. I admire my Midheaven and think it is important to always reflect on it and make a friendship with it. Success is the Midheaven’s medicine and it will never guide you to failure.  The Midheaven shows where you are going in your life. When you truly start tapping into your authentic self, your Midheaven matures. I find when I read a client’s natal chart, that their Midheaven really does not make itself known until adulthood. In your early childhood and teen years you are going through the phase of self-discovery. After hardships and life molding you, is when you really start to form into the person you were meant to be. The Midheaven, coupling with Saturn that rules the 10th House, is part of the wisdom we acquire. 

The Signs

    The Midheaven can give you guidance for what type of career you should pursue. Your talents and ambitions live in the 10th House and the Midheaven helps to highlight your potential for success. Below is a brief description of each Midheaven sign.  

 Aries Midheaven

      An Aries Midheaven goes after a career that offers them the opportunity to use their leadership skills. You need a career that is stimulating and dynamic all the time. In the workplace you are the trailblazer in leading new projects and desire to be seen and heard. You are all for fighting for your goals and taking each challenge head on. Your aggression is high and using your will-power over others comes natural to you. The lesson for an Aries Midheaven, is to learn what battles to fight and which ones to stand down. Your main mission is to win at everything, but sometimes you will need to learn how to accept failure and criticism. Despite the strong face you show to others, people gravitate towards you and trust you will lead them to success. In the work place you will be known for your bold, courageous and original nature that will never go unnoticed. In tarot, the Emperor and King of Wand’s reflect Aries Midheaven folk the best. 

     Potential careers: Military, Athletics, Law, Politics, Entertainment, Police Officer, Fire-fighter, and Professor. 

Taurus Midheaven

      A Taurus Midheaven is calm, cool, and collected. You need a career where you can really take your time to make progress. When you put your heart and soul into your work you know blossoming results will commence. You understand that great things take time. So finding the right project or task that you are passionate about is very important to you, because it will eventually become your life’s work. You may feel unmotivated and lazy sometimes when it comes to getting a move on in your work, but once you find your routine you will stick to it. With a Taurus Midheaven, you can be very intense in pursing your goals. You also gravitate towards careers where you can make serious money and are surrounded by extravagance. Another factor of a Taurus MC is making sure your career provides you with a foundation. Having work life balance, a 401k, stability and company perks is important to you when choosing a job. Temperance and the King of Pentacles would best represent a Taurus Midheaven. 

Potential Careers: Doctor, Finance, Project Manager, Herbalist, Baker, Director, Teacher and Designer. 

Gemini Midheaven

      Having a Gemini Midheaven means you need a career where your are mentally stimulated all the time. You desire constant engagement in the workplace, where things are changeable and moving fast. You may find that you have so many interests (twin syndrome) that you need to be chasing many different ventures simultaneously. Having a 9-5 routine is not your style. You thrive in a work environment that is flexible, because being adaptable and curious are your greatest strengths. Gemini Midheaven’s are very clever people who need to connect through social affairs. It is important that you use your creativity and find a career that always excites you. Boredom is a deathtrap to you. Gemini MC may switch jobs and careers because of this, so make sure you find a career where you will have the freedom to be yourself. Tarot cards that best describe a Gemini MC is the Chariot and Knight of Swords.

Potential Careers: Journalist, Communications, Media, Marketing, Writer, Actor/Actress, Speaker and Public Relations. 

Cancer Midheaven

    The duty of a Cancer MC is to be helpful to others. They have the reputation of being caregivers and nurturers, because the forth house rules mother energy. There is however, more to this wonderful Midheaven placement. Careers where Cancer Midheavens can use their intuition and sensitivity is highly encouraged. You are very compassionate and loyal to your cause. Having a career in the arts is also another way a Cancer MC can find meaning in their world. Ups and downs in your career is possible, because you connect deeply to the career you have and the environment you are in. When you no longer feel that the people in your place of work are authentic or deserving of your talents, you will find a new opportunity. In my opinion Cancer MC folk will benefit the most by working at home. This way you are surrounded by family or things and people you love. Having a very relaxed, non-hostile workplace is key to your success and peace of mind. You do not like getting mixed up in the fray, instead need to concentrate fully on your work. Drama is distracting to your psyche and can hinder your creativity, so trying to avoid negativity is key. Cancer in Midheaven people need a career where they can use their intuition to give guidance to others. Also, when it comes to managing matters in the homes like financial affairs or design, Cancer MC people will excel in this part of their life. Tarot cards that best describe a Cancer MC is the Empress and Queen of Wands.

Potential Careers: Divination, Chefs, Teachers, Life-Coaches, Social Workers, Therapists, Nurses, Singer, Poet, Activist, Interior Designers and Banker. 

Leo Midheaven

      Leo MC’s need a career that thrust them out in the open for everyone to see. They need to constantly be in the spotlight, desiring recognition and praise. Leo Midheaven’s are the rising stars in the workplace and being Employee of the Month is a big deal to them. Leo Midheaven’s are confident in their abilities and believe they will ‘make it’ in their line of work and they mostly do. Like Aries MC, they own that fire power of being a natural born leader and are extremely idealistic. Leo MC’s are highly creative and work to showcase their skills to others. They may come off as egotistical, but deep down they care deeply about the work they do and the reaction of the crowd they are trying to entertain. They will most likely become famous in their career or have a huge following of supporters chasing at their heels. Tarot Cards that best describe a Leo Midheaven are The Star and The Sun. 

Potential Careers: Actors/Actresses, Singers, Dancers, Motivational Speaker, Arts, Anchor Man/Women, CEO, Politician, Fashion Designer, Comedian, Historian, and Journalist.

Virgo Midheaven

       Having your Midheaven in Virgo means you need a career where you can be of service. Being called to action and trusted at a task that can help others, is highly amicable with your spirit. You are incredibly dedicated in making the people and world around you a better place. You need to feel useful in the work that you do. When you find your dream job, you strive for perfection. You have a keen eye for detail and are a gifted analyst. With perfection as your aesthetic, you can become highly critical of others around you. Make sure you loosen up and allow others to be themselves. Not everyone is as conscious about their behavior as you are. People will take notice of your hard work and devotion. Working with animals will also be something you would enjoy. Tarot cards that connect with a Virgo Midheaven are the Hermit and Hierophant.

Potential Careers: Wellness, Healer, Medicine, Researcher, Scientist, Organizer, Accountant, Fitness, Priest, Zoologist, Producer, Nutritionist, and Event Coordinator. 

Libra Midheaven

    Being surrounded by beauty, art, music, and fashion speaks to a Libra Midheaven’s soul. A day does not go by where you are not inspired. You will also find success in working with other people, helping them aspire to be the best version of themselves. Libra MC’s can also be very diplomatic in their careers when need be. With this, they always try to create peace in a situation, which can cause a lot of chaos in a Libra Midheaven’s life. This can be very unsettling to your calm demeanor, so it is best to always leave out space for self-care, especially after dealing with people. Also, being the center of attention is important to Libra MC. This can be done in small ways like by  being best dressed at the office or being everyone’s favorite employee. Secretly, Libra MC’s can be very vain. However, they are charming, kind, have a great taste level and are positive workers to be around. Tarot cards that reflect Libra Midheaven’s attributes are The Lovers, Judgement and Justice cards.

Potential Careers: Make-Up Artist, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Sales, Judge, Painter, and Public Relations.

Scorpio Midheaven

      Like Cancer Midheavens, Scorpio’s are also highly intuitive. A career doing something new-agey or with the occult will benefit these deep intellectual Scorpio Midheavens well. Scorpio MC’s need to be passionate in their career. Without this enthusiasm, they will slack off and indulge in other pleasures, that if not directed well may have negative effects. Analytical thinking is part of a Scorpio Midheaven’s character. They are known as complex individuals that are mysterious and methodical in their approach when working with others. However, their ability to dive underneath the surface with great secrecy, will bring with it unexpected truth. Scorpio MC’s will expose the truth that needs to be reveled and the world will thank them for it. The tarot card associated with Scorpio MC’s are the Emperor. 

Potential careers:  Spy, Secrete Agent, Tax Adviser, Detective, Criminal Justice, Psychologist, Energy Healer, Divination, Investigator, Journalist, Forensic Scientist, Author, and Surgeon. 

Sagittarius Midheaven

     Adventure and travel is your middle name if you have a Sag MC. You are a quick learner, love to travel, and always have your mind on the big picture. Learning about and embracing different cultures is your passion, so finding a career that allows you to do this would be very soul-enriching.  Also, learning new languages either as a pastime or for your career, comes easily to you. You need a job that is full of excitement and unpredictability. It is also best that you work alone in your career or with very little restrictions. You are best going off on your own and doing your own thing, for following the rules is not in your guidebook. Sag Midheaven’s truly live life head on. In the end your dream career must spark some type of philosophical curiosity. This will keep you pursuing the unknown forever. Sag Midheaven Tarot Cards are The Fool and The World.

Potential Careers: Explorer, Musician, Pilot, Flight Attendant. Hospitality, Entertainment,  Media, Travel Agent, Actress/Actor, Foreign Affairs,  Activist, and Professor. 

Capricorn Midheaven

      With the 10th House as your home, it is no surprise that you live to work and love the results of success that comes with it. You have an intense work ethic and put work at the center of your mind everyday. You are ambitious, more so then all other MC signs. One of your skills is organizing the work you do so you can be more efficient at your job. You are serious, a rule-follower and have a very straightforward approach to the work you do. You need a career that is more traditional and the predictability of a 9-5 works great for you. Like a Taurus MC, you like the security your career provides. Your carer is your identity and without it you feel your life has no purpose. Making sure the work you do is impactful to those around you, is your greatest goal. You have a tireless energy to complete a task with unwavering dedication. You were born to be a CEO and make a name for yourself in the world. Failure does not exist in your eyes. Also, with great success brings great finical rewards. Capricorn MC tarot cards: King of Swords. 

Potential Careers: CEO, Manger, Business Affairs, Business, Public Relations, Engineer, Doctor, Architect, and Producer. 

Aquarius Midheaven

      Like Sagittarius Midheavens and Gemini Midheavens, Aquarius Midheaven’s desire freedom in their careers. In order for an Aquarius Midheaven to truly live their truth, they need space to embrace who they are. You prefer a job where you can work independently. You may find in your life you started pursing one career path and then decided to make a switch and do something completely different. As long as it aligns with your truth you know you are on the right path. Aquarius Midheaven’s also love to learn and working with the collective. Being around other compassionate people rooting for a like cause, gives you great joy. You are the natural humanitarian. Starting your own business will also be a great path for you. This way you can make your career your own. Tarot cards that connect with an Aquarius Midheaven are the Magician and The Star. 

Potential Careers: Politician, Teacher, Director, Photographer, Humanitarian, Designer, Actor/Actress, and Writer. 

Pisces Midheaven

     Using your intuition and empathy is your life’s purpose. Having a Pisces Midheaven means you are extremely creative and talented in the arts. Your dreams are very vivid, which connects with your wild imagination. You envision a new world that you show through the art you do. In order to take a deep dive into your mystic ambitions, you prefer a work environment that is slow and un-bothered Time does not exist in your world nor is it important. Creative-self expression cannot be rushed. When you feel a spark of inspiration is when you are completely compelled to work. If you are not an artist, you admire people who are. You also need to be aware of people trying to control or take advantage of you, because you are a dreamer. Make sure you are pursing your dreams and not others. Money is also not as important to you and will come through the work you create on your own terms. You despise corporate establishments and will rebel against the status quo. Having a manager or patron will help your work get recognition, so money will come. Tarot cards that represent a Pisces MC are: The High Priestess and The Moon. 

Potential Careers: Artist, Musician, Writer, Filmmaker, Healer, Therapist, Nurse, Vet, Priest, Poet, Dancer, and Designer. 

    I hope you learned a little bit more about the attributes of your Midheaven. Remember what nourishes you brings success. If you feel out of touch with your career or purpose in the world, you need to get back in sync with your Midheaven’s calling. When you work with your astrology you are more conscious to the life you live.

The Punk Priestess 
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