June Tarotscopes - 2022

Here are your Tarotscopes for June ! Read for your Sun Sign! Enjoy! 

Aries - Page of Pentacles - Upright 

      Dear Aries, with Mars and Jupiter feeling motivated in your sign this month, you are Finally seeing the fruits of your labor come into alignment. It has been a rough go the past few months; full of delays, friction and waiting (which is something you loathe), but now June is bringing the opportunity that you have been seeking and a lot of this opportunity is financial. You are getting the material rewards and the grounded confidence that comes when your persistent actions pay off. 

Taurus - 10 of Wands - Upright 

      Dear Taurus, the North Node is in your sign until summer of 2023, so the lesson here is to create more self-sufficiency in your life. Venus is now in your sign for the majority of the month, so use your ruling planet to aid in this task. A good starting point is to take action in releasing burdens that are weighing you done. Reflect on what you are taking on? This weight can be both material and emotional. You do not have to let it go all at once, but slowly making adjustments to free yourself from the weight, is the beginning. 

Gemini - King of Wands - Upright 

      Dear Gemini, you own the month of June and you are feeling empowered. It is your birthday season and you are golden wearing your crown as your birth celebrations center you. So bask in your glory and enjoy the festivities! It is only your birthday season once a year, so its ok to make it all about you, you are allowed! Just do not forget to wheel that ego in just a little, we do not want any drama surrounding the celebrations, but what’s a party without a juicy story…

Cancer - 8 of Pentacles - Reversed 

     Dear Cancer, you are not feeling very motivated this month. It could be due to the cosmic wind down of a scattered energetic period, or just traditional burnout. Yet, one thing is for sure, you need to slow down and rest. You can only do as much as your energy will allow you and if the demands are too much, you need to start saying No to taking on more responsibility. Also, watch your finances, unexpected expenses may have been attacking your saving or you need to be more proactive on saving for that rainy day. Restore your body and assets this month. 

Leo - Queen of Swords - Upright 

     Dear Leo, you are feeling analytical, precise and mentally out of the fog now that Mercury is Direct again. So what are you going to do with your clear vision? Plan a new course of action and attack those creative aspirations of course! You are ready to take it all on and express yourself! Your are now refocused towards your goals and are chatting in your social circles about manifesting what is in your head out into the world. The light is green and you are zooming ahead! 

Virgo - 3 of Pentacles - Upright 

     Dear Virgo, now that your ruling planet Mercury is direct again you are now able to see your plans clearly again. What is also great is that collaboration seems effortless and everyone is committed to the cause. After moments of doubt and delays, the forward momentum is having you feel competent that things will indeed work out. The support around you will be beneficial to make everything come together and there is joy when the atmosphere is copacetic and focused. 

Libra - 10 of Cups - Reversed 

     Dear Libra, what is causing you to feel dissatisfied? What once was, no longer serves the purpose it once did, and that’s ok. Take sometime for yourself this month to really tap inside and see what new chapter you are ready to initiate. Maybe whatever not working out was the push you needed to imagine more for yourself. What is moving away is too small and you know this. So trust that you have the capacity to envision something or someone greater! You are in charge of creating your destiny, now dream it into existence. 

Scorpio - Queen of Wands - Upright 

     Dear Scorpio, June is a month where you are feeling your most sexy badass self. I always say that Scorpio’s thrive in Gemini season and the Queen is sticking true to this theory. This month you are on fire and confident in your abilities to lure those into your mysterious and enticing nature. You are the most interesting person in the room right now! When you find yourself in the center of the excitement, you will never fully reveal your hand and that is what makes you so alluring. Keep being the element of surprise, that is your super power! 

Sagittarius - 2 of Pentacles - Uptight 

     Dear Sag, you have A Lot going on and you don’t mind at all. You like to be busy when things are in your favor and you feel motivated to see your goals through. Also, with your full moon this month you are in tip top shape to delver the results of expansion and knowledge that the world is craving. The collective has been in slumber that past few months, but your moon will wake everyone up! As you aim of your arrow, you are ready to strike gold! 

Capricorn - Ace of Cups - Reversed 

     Dear Cappy, what was revealed to you during Mercury Retrograde was the truth you needed to remove those rose colored glasses. The spell of the illusion you have been under is now over. Now what are you going to do with the new knowledge that you now have? Gear yourself up for some emotional conversations, some may not be ready for. You need to protect your heart at this time. The spell is now broken.

Aquarius - Page of Swords - Reversed 

     Dear Aqua, You need to relax your mind and have the right inspiration, language and motivations come to you, in due time. You’re rushing, stressing and trying to make something happen, that is not ready to take off. No matter how prepared and diligent you think you are, there is something you are missing and needs your reflection. Take June off from being goal-oriented and just await further orders and for that divine push forward. 

Pisces - Knight of Cups - Reversed 

     Dear Pisces - Jupiter is no longer in your sign, so you are feeling a little depleted without this energetic comfort. What has Jupiter inspired you to take action on over the past few months, and how can you take advantage of this insight? If you have wanted to attend a spiritual retreat or work on healing some wound that need attending to, take this month to do just that. Move slow and live simply. You need to gear up your strength for when Jupiter last their hurrah in your sign come October! 

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