July 2022 Tarotscopes

Aries: 7 of Pentacles - Reversed 

      Dear Aries, you are reworking your masterplans and rerouting your goals. You may also be dealing with imposter syndrome which is leading you to procrastinate on your goals. There is defiantly a block you need to get past and you may need to be more forceful with yourself as to not miss another deadline. The more you put off what you know you need to do, the more frustration will brew. So just stop the excuses or putting important things off and Just Do It! You will feel so much lighter once your goals are complete. 

Taurus: 7 of Wands - Upright 

      Dear Taurus, with Mars now in your sign this month you are feeling ready to fight. The action has been delayed long enough and it is Go Time for you! Even if its nothing physical you are fighting for or against, you are at least exercising your throat chakra and finally screaming or speaking out what has been stuck in your throat for a longtime. Even if its rooted in passion not aggression, you refuse to have the silence dictate your life any longer. 

Gemini: Kind of Swords - Reversed 

      Dear Gemini, Mercury your ruling planet has left your sign, but you still have a fighting chance with Venus. Speak your hearts desires, but of course make sure your audience is receptive at first. You need to exercise more discernment in your life and like your Gemini witch sis Stevie Nicks said ‘I keep my visions to myself’. You may want to take this advice, for your visions are too strong and will be unappreciated or misunderstood by those who have not received the comic downloads yet. 

Cancer - Temperance Reversed

       Dear Cancer, you are not ready to rest just yet, for it is your season and you still have some portals to walk through. You are finishing some journeys and then after a tiresome time of walking you can sit on a rock and rest. This will come towards the end of your season, for now something remains unsettled and you need to seek it out. Also, pay attention to the duality forming around you. Respond accordingly. If it has you revisiting the past, seek what needs to be sought, but limit your time there. You have to stay present for your solar celebrations. The past is only a visitation, you cannot relive it. 

Leo - 6 of Cups - Upright 

      Dear Leo, your inner child wants to play and so it’s a season to nurture these innocent tendencies. You may be retrieving lost time, finding familiarity with a childhood friend or visiting the country of you ancestors origin. It’s a time to acknowledge the story that molded you. It’s time to make peace with it and then open yourself to heal generational wounds that shaped you before this soul life. Be witness to the memory recall and have it inspire a new path home to yourself. 

Virgo - 10 of Pentacles - Reversed 

      Dear Virgo, you are still constructing the table that will shape you, but in the process you need to remove yourself from the tables you no longer want to sit at. There is limitations around you and before all of it can be recognized, you need to look at the people and the structures you abide to. Is the feast in front you enough to sustain you physically, financially, spiritually? Or is it just enough for this moment, but soon you will have to search for a more satisfactory meal? Don’t wait to be starved, it’s time to move forward towards deeper fulfillment. 

Libra - Knight of Cups - Uptight 

      Dear Libra, have fun with the good energy around you, but just know the commitment is not a serious one and that’s ok. Sometimes we need entertaining people to pass time with and we need to unburden ourselves from serious duties and just vibe. It’s the summer, nothing serious should happen in the summer. So enjoy the sensualities of the season and try not to put pressure on something or someone to make it more official if it is not meant to be, at this moment at least. To be contained….

Scorpio - Queen of Pentacles - Reversed 

      Dear Scorpio - with the moons nodes being squared, you are struggling to maintain the same level of structure you once had. You are wondering if you will ever get it back - the routine, the mindless juggle of all your priorities and the answer is No! You are being challenged to give that all up! Reflect on your desires and how they are caging you and how you can free yourself from them, for many of these desires are not healthy. But you have until this time next year to release yourself of the burdens. But first recognizing that there are issues is the first step. Stay Aware and if it frightens you, go back inside the shadow and investigate why. 

Sagittarius  - 2 of Wands - Reversed 

      Dear Sag, you are sinking in quick sand now and your feet are stuck, but you need to find someway to free yourself before you are quickly devoured. You know what the hesitancy is and you know you need to get going, but your fighting being productive. You may be telling yourself ‘its not the right time’ but are you using this as an excuse to not do what you know you need to do? Take some time with it, meditate on it, and when you come to your answer - excuse or divine suspension, it will be transparent. 

Capricorn - Ace of Swords - Reversed 

      Dear Cappy, you don’t know what to think now. There is some confusion and you are trying to find your way through it, but maybe there is no logical answer to the queries you have. Maybe this is an exercise to use your intuition more and release the script you have been holding onto. For the more you rehearse the more it limits the natural magic that wants to exist. Release control and all that you know and just allow things to be. Then the right seeds will form in your hand to plant and nurture. But for now just exist as an empty channel, do not make things complicated, just allow anything to flow in and out your mind and mouth, however effortlessly it flows.

Aquarius - Three of Pentacles - Reversed 

      Dear Aquarius, a season of astrological squares are among you and it will not be a time to spiritually bypass the experience. Your sign rules the future and you need to be aware if the people on your current path share the same vision as you. There may have been some disenchantment & doubts for a while brewing on the sidelines of your consciousness, but it's up to you to confront the storm or risk getting swept into the chaos. Cut the cords now, for if you do not clear the air and speak your truth now, disfunction will continue to run rapid. Use your insights and find your courage to cultivate the shift. 

Pisces - Ace of Cups - Upright 

      Dear Pisces, you are thriving in the watery oasis of your sister sign Cancer and you soul feels held. Its been months since you have been able to access your emotions in a freeing unlimited way. You are also ready to express them to get new things growing and maybe that is what others are waiting for you to do. It’s also a creative time for you, your imagination is on speed and with the veil being thin, you are able to connect with guides from the other side. The potential is inflate when spirit & psyche collide.

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