Chiron in Aries - Healing the Ego Within

      Hello Punk Family, back in 2019 I taught a class on Chiron in Aries, a transit that will be with us until 2027. Below is my class notes and presentation for you to have a quick study on this very important transit happening today. 

For this post, I chose an image of a hand elevating fire as in an offering, because I felt that this was a great representation of Chiron’s healing work on the ‘self’ now that it is in Aries. We will be examine our inner fire as we embrace a new self being created within.  

Helpful Reminders When Healing with Chiron in Aries 

  • In order for something to end, something has to start. In order for something to start, something has to end. This is the ultimate cycle of endings and beginnings in life.
  • Chiron is both the Fool and the World Major Arcana tarot cards. For you never really know the full story, even though you just finished the story. 
  • We need the structure before we can have the evolution.
  • When you have not healed a certain area in your life, you will continue to attract similar situations, because you have not learned/healed from them or gotten out of your cycle.
  • . True healing takes place when you see something different, Your surrounding are different, your perception to things is different, and the new people coming into your life are different than what you have experienced before.
  • When you start healing the ego, you begin to take accountability for your actions and healing process. 
  • Stop the ways you are masking the healing work that needs to be done. For healing is never really done.
  • Break the contacts that are limiting you. 
  • With Chiron now in Aries, we will be questioning and checking our Ascendant sign with ‘How are we putting ourselves together? and ‘How are we physically showing up in the world?’
  • Aries rules the inner child and our early development grows our egos. Chiron in Aries will be having us ask if we really know ourselves and how do we get in our own way?
  • You can know yourself better by recognizing and dissecting your triggers. 
  • Chiron does not want you to be the victim in your own story.
  • Once you start doing the unsexy work of healing your ego, you realize you are not the hot shit you thought you once were and this is for good reasons.
  • When you decide to heal, you become addicted to it, because growth feels good. 
  • There is always rewards after healing and embracing your truth.
  • If you do not have your own cheer squad of friends cheering for you in your low moments when healing, they are canceled. This is the universe telling you it is time to find a new and supportive squad.
  • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will Never hurt me. 
  • Some people want to keep you small, and who they always saw you to be when you were comfortable. Leave them in their complacency, don’t lower to it.
  • How are you different from everyone else and how are you embracing it? 

     I hope you learned a little bit more about Chiron in Aries through my presentation and have started to intuitively ask yourself these question. Learning to navigate this transit over the next few years is going to be the life change that the conscious collective needs. Allow yourself to flow with it. Not against it. Never forget to honor the changes that emerge within.


The Punk Priestess 

Art by: Liam Ashurst

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