Chiron in Aries

     Many of you have heard astrologers mention Chiron before and may be wondering what this is and means. You are not alone. Chiron is not an astrological sign, but is referred to as a comet. This mysterious enigma does not receive much mainstream media attention for this reason of being ambiguous. Also, Chiron was only discovered in 1977, so he/she is still a baby in the astrology world. In this post, I am going to take you on a journey to get well acquainted with Chiron. I believe becoming familiar with Chiron, will help you not only understand your natal chart better and become an astrology guru to your friends, but to help you heal yourself. 

Who is Chiron? The Backstory.

      In Greek mythology, Chiron (he/she) was a centaur who was not spontaneous and wild like the other centaurs. Yet, instead he/she was more civilized, intelligent, and well-mannered like humans. Chiron was also, a well known teacher, astrologer, and most importantly, a healer. In the short version of his./her claim to glory, Chiron was immortal, but chose to die by giving up his/her immorality. In the myth, Hercules came for a visit and was offered sacred wine as a gift, however the other centaurs wanted this wine as well, so a brawl started. In the mist of the attack, Hercules accidentally shot Chiron with a poison arrow. Shortly after, Chiron was living in so much pain, he/she no longer wanted to suffer and could not heal him/herself. To end his/her suffering, Chiron gave up his/her immortality and became a god. Another theory is that Chiron gave up his/her immortality, so men could have fire. There are many various accounts and reasons why Chiron committed such a selfless act. 

Cool, But Why Should I Care?

      This year, on February 19th, the most important transit of the year happened. This transit was Chiron entering Aries. Chiron will spend the next 9 years in Aries and is the longest time he/she spends in a sign. One thing that is so fascinating about Chiron, is that his/her’s orbit is extremely unpredictable. Chiron’s orbit is so unique, for it travels between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is the furthest from the Sun, so he/she spends longer times in the zodiac signs that are in the beginning and at the end of the natal chart. Typically, Chiron spends anywhere between 1 to 5 or 9 years in a zodiac sign. This being said Aries is the first house, and Pisces is the last house, so Chiron spends the longest time there, for these are the hardest houses to master. Chiron transits are very intense and life altering because, he/she rules healing. 

Tell Me More 

      In the natal chart, Chiron is known as the wounded healer. Chiron can help heal others, but cannot heal him/herself. Chiron represents our deepest spiritual wounds and the quest we take to heal them. Where Chiron falls in your birth chart, shows where you will have reoccurring issues healing in your life. These areas are considered ‘weak spots’ for they reveal where you feel inadequacy, darkness, sadness, and wounded. Continual up-keep will need to be had in this area of your natal chart. Though this may seem like a bummer at first, Chiron’s mission is not negative, but to bring forward a positive way you can not only bring more self-awareness into your own life, but how you can offer guidance to the lives of others. Chiron has gifted us with healing powers, for we can be an advocate for healing others in theres areas of our chart that struggle within us. This is the beauty in Chiron’s message.  

      Another cool factor about Chiron is that his/her symbol or glyph is a key! There is so many metaphors that can connect this symbol to Chiron for he/she is the bridge between our unconscious and conscious mind. Chiron’s key is a link between Pisces (unconscious) and Aries  (conscious). Trying to link these two effortlessly together takes time, for both signs are completely opposite from one another. Pisces is the last sign that rules our endings, while Aries is the first sign that initiates our beginnings. These signs are like the World and The Fool in tarot. For their evolution in one within another. You cannot have an ending without a beginning and you cannot begin something without having it end eventually. 

      More symbolism to add to Chiron’s transit, is his/her orbit between Saturn and Uranus. The planet Saturn rules life’s hard lessons through discipline and obstacles we need to overcome. Chiron uses this Saturn’s energy for us to focus on healing ourselves and take time doing so. Whereas when Chiron’s orbit is in Uranus, we have gone through the hard part of our healing and are now liberated. New light, new masterings, and breakthroughs have been achieved. We can now begin to heal others and hope they too see the light in their own lives. Saturn teaches and Uranus liberates us from our restrained outdated thoughts and life. With Chiron, we are now embracing our new path of freedom, but the lessons of life that molded us in the past, are still part of our spiritual history. Chiron ultimately breaks down and transforms areas of our life that need healing. Again, with Chiron, our duality is forever linked, for he/she was also 1/2 horse 1/2 god/goddess, so nature and spirituality fused together.  There is this debate of where Chiron falls as a mascot for an astrological sign. Chiron is a centaur, so one would automatically link Sagittarius, but this is not the case. Virgo and Scorpio play well for this roll, for Virgo heals others and Scorpio heals our shadow side. Virgo is the healing we give to others and Scorpio is the shadow work and the healing we give to ourselves.

Chiron in Aries (Currently until 2027) 

      Aries is the ultimate warrior that rules our ‘self’ in the world. It is the first sign that is very ‘me’ focused, passionate, the pioneer, and very impulsive. When Chiron is in this strong fire sign, it will show us our own insecurities. Over the next 9 years, we may be struggling to register if we really know ourselves at all? We will feel like we lost our identity in the world and may feel hopeless at first. Chiron will be challenging our expression of ourselves and our individuality. I think this is good, for I feel so many people especially through social media,  are clones. Everyone seem to be following the same formula for success or what they think success looks like to others. Life imitates imaginary life and through Arie’s eyes, imitates boredom. Chiron is here to the rescue, to mix things up and get us to do some soul searching in how we present our ‘real’ selves to the world.  Or if we are even capable of doing that. Newsflash, most wont be able to. 

      We may also feel that we do not have the right to exist as we truly are. This is a dark part of our psyche we have to accept and challenge. Are we worth our existence and how is our existence really benefiting those around us? Time to bring on the shadow work we all need to do within ourselves about our ‘self’ literally. During Chiron in Aries you may be feeling that you are a nobody and that you are an outsider or weird. There may be a desire emerging inside of you to be invisible and remain unnoticed, for you fear being judged for your beliefs or interests.  On the contrary you may feel the need to be outlandish and over the top to get attention. However, yes you will grab the attention of others, but for all the wrong reasons. Aries is also the most physical sign, so you may have a tendency to physically harm yourself with external wounds or vices like drugs and alcohol. A need to be over indulgent, gluttonous and showy may also emerge. Try not to succumb to these bad habits for they will only numb your progress through the dark raw truth you need to deal with. Avoiding the darkness inside you, will only prolong the process. 

      Chiron’s Medicine for us over the next 9 years is to accept ourselves for who we truly are.  We need to discard the social molding of who we were, to embrace our true and realist self that we created authentically. Chiron will help us break down our old patterns of self-identification, so we can begin to transform into who our spirit guides want us to be. We will learn that it's ok to be who we are, to live our truth every waking day, and to honor our intuition telling us who we really are. Whoever does not accept the new you, is on a lower vibration and has a lot of soul-soul-searching inside themselves to do. Jealously will also flare up during this time. People become envious of others embracing who they really are and having confidence in their being. They will try to bring you down, but they will never be able to defeat you. Chiron is liberating you to show yourself to the world and be yourself with pride. You were born to be an individual. This is Aries’s gift to us all, individuality. Chiron is here to remind us of ours, to re-connect with it and let it guide us into the next part of our destiny.

The Punk Priestess 
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