August 2022 Tarotscopes

Aries - The Tower - Upright 

      Dear Aries, have no fear when the Tower appears. Jupiter is still in your fiery sign and making a fast impact of loss, so new beginnings can arise from the ashes. It is time to let go of what you have been holding onto. When it all starts falling a part in front of us, it may see very dramatic, but there is a lot of symbolism in the reckoning of our own making. Watch it shatter and weep if you may, but know the destruction was bound to come and now you no longer have this Tower restricting you. It is time to walk away freely. Something new is coming. 

Taurus -   Page of Cups - Upright 

      Dear Taurus, you are feeling inspired and blissful. There is a newfound innocence and sweetness in the air. You may be feeling extra sensual this Leo Season and are splurging on yourself or cozying up with romantic crush. There is nothing more special than putting love back into yourself and onto others. You have been so serious this year, but now you want to play and enjoy the fruits of your labors. This card is your permission to indulge in all your sensualities. 

Gemini - Father of Swords - Upright 

      Dear Gemini, you are deep in planner mode. Mars will enter your sign for 8 months starting on Aug 20th, so you are ready to put some well intended action behind your booming ideas. You have been patient, resourceful and are prepared to go full-force into your goals. The time is now and you are more then ready. I hope everything you have been mentally brewing manifest beautifully. Godspeed. 

Cancer - Father of Cups - Upright 

      Dear Cancer, your season felt like a tidal wave of emotions and heartfelt connections. Despite the raw emotions that were spilt, you feel closer to your heart more than ever before. You also are intuitively more aware of who mirrors your heart and who does not. You are standing firm in your heart and you will not let anything or anyone restrict you of your desires. Life is too short to accept fake love. You are ready to align your heart with truth, certainty and deep commitment. 

Leo - 3 of Pentacles - Reversed 

      Dear Leo, yes the sun does revolve around you, but not everything does. You may be feeling yourself a little too much your season and may need to take a mindful approach of how your ego may be isolating you from your admirers. If it is not your ego getting in the way, you could be feeling uninspired or bored by your creative company and its time to change course. Get in alignment with people who ‘get’ you and ‘see’ you. Surround your self with dreamers who think big, want more and are fearless in their pursuits to make it happen. It’s time to find your ideal collaborators and leave the stale ones behind in your dust. 

Virgo - Judgement - Upright 

      Dear Virgo, your season is on the horizon and you are almost at the end of your transformation, before you bloom into your new power. With Mercury in your sign it is time to activate your mental powers. You want it and you will get it. All the hard work you have done on yourself will be revealed when you are ready to take flight as you embrace a new solar year. A new chapter is forming, and you are almost close to finishing up this one. 

Libra - Queen of Wands - Upright 

      Dear Libra, you are thriving this month. Summer is looking good on you as you step into the sun in a cute new outfits and conversational accessories. You are accepting every invitation and bringing your charm or a cute plus one to the event. Social season is on and you are feeling and looking good which is a magnet to draw in new acquaintance to you! Own the spotlight and embrace the last weeks of summer with joy! 

Scorpio - 7 of Cups - Upright 

      Dear Scorpio, try not to get swept off your feet too quickly! You pride yourself for your practical discernment, so makes your scorpio tendencies keep you emotionally balanced before you give your heart away to something or someone. You want to amen sure the investment is worth it, so study, observe and do not be swayed if you are not done gathering your clues. If you rush you may regret it, so feel it out before committing fully. 

Sagittarius - Father of Wands - Upright 

      Dear Sag, you are feeling the heat of your fire sister sign Leo and are vibing. Finally things are moving forward in your life after what seems like a season of drought. Things are Finally happening and you feel good in the chaotic flames of spontaneity and adventure. There is no holding back now, you have waited long enough to charge ahead, now there is no stopping you. Go after what you want and make a whole big mess of it if you may. Exciting and determined times are ahead and you are fearless in your pursuits to take life full on! 

Capricorn - 10 of Pentacles - Reversed 

      Dear Cap, you do not feel completely content. You need to search your heart and figure out why and take a moment to backtrack to think about what you are building and if it is still intentional? Are you on track with your goals and desires or are you living a version of someone else’s dream? Maybe you are scared to have what you actually desire, because this is a new challenge you must face. But what about the rewards if everything goes right? Whatever it is, you may be standing in your own way at this time. You may be too rigid and restricted with yourself and in return are pushing people away. You may need to see a situation outside of your go and form a different point of view, so you can go forth in a more clear and purposeful direction. Trust the re-route and do not be afraid to open your heart and let people in. 

Aquarius - The Chariot - Upright 

      Dear Aqua, this month will be filled with victory, but in return do not let the competition around you lead to disenchantment or discouragement. Stay your course and trust in your abilities. Comparison can kill our magic, so try to have your blinders on and stay focused in what you are perusing. You have your own way of doing things and are your own person. Not many can say this, so know that your uniqueness is your superpower and have the lead you to success. 

Pisces - Ace of Pentacles - Reversed 

      Dear Pisces, what new opportunities do you need to take ahold of? If there is something you want to do, go for it. There is no need to hold counsel with everyone to seek approval before you can go after what you desire. Plant those new seeds and water them accordingly so they can grow into something beautiful. You may also be thinking about your finances and how your an acquire more money. If you are spending a lot of money or have unexpected expenses, you may need to be more resourceful to build your finances back. You will figure it out, but first you must do in order to have. 

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