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     Uranus in my opinion is one of the most fascinating planets when it comes to astrology. I'm really excited to write about this planet so lets jump right into it. Uranus is named after the Greek god of the sky, Ouranos. This is the only planet in our solar system that is named after a Greek god, not a Roman one. As an outer planet like Neptune and Pluto, Uranus's impact is more of a generational one than a personal one. Uranus is called the rebel planet or Goddess of Change,  because it rules revolution and innovation. The sign of Aquarius has Uranus as it's ruling planet, so Uranus impacts our technology, inventions, friendships, goals and our community. To have a better idea of how Uranus influences your life, look to what houses it falls into in your natal chart. It will show where you are innovative, radical, and where you need freedom.

      Uranus takes around seven years to go through a sign. On May 15, 2018, Uranus went into the stable stubborn sign of Taurus. Uranus will be in Taurus until April 2026! For the next seven years our motivations and goals will be surrounded by the ideology of the 2nd house of things you love and value. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was in 1934! This is older then my grandparents! With its orbit being every 84 years this is the first time the majority of us on earth have felt this energy. We most likely will never experience it again, so seep the rewards while you can. As Uranus breaks, transforms, awakens, and enlightens our paths for the next seven years, here are some things that will change. 

Money Revolution 

      Taurus rules the second house of stability. It takes high regard for nature, prosperity, peace-making, money, foundation, tradition, beauty and luxury. A placement like this is an unusual mix for the inventive and at times wild fusion of Uranus. This being said, over the course of the next seven years the way we run our everyday lives will change. First lets talk about money. Since the second house rules our resources and financial status, with Uranus in this house we may be thinking of new ways to make money. For example maybe in the next seven years you will abandon the 9-5 gig and start your own business where you are the boss. Like I mentioned before in the past post about Neptune, society will be shifting away from traditional corporate culture as a means to make money. With this Uranus will revolutionize how we make, spend and save our money. We will be finding more innovative ways to do all of the above. Maybe if you think now you will never abounded your grind, you could find that being stuck in an office under rules and oppression is not liberating to your soul. You may free yourself of practical security to embrace the unknown.

      Uranus ruling technology will help in our means to make and control our money. With the bitcoin now a thing, this type of currency is only in the baby stages. Over the next seven years the bitcoin will revolutionize our world with the help of Uranus. I predict in the future that coins will be extinct and having physical cash will be a thing of the past. With Apple Pay and companies turning to apps as a form of payment (hello Starbucks) physical money is slowly becoming a bygone. There is no disappointment like going into a bodega in New York City, and realizing it is cash only with a $10 minimum, when all you wanted was a bag of chips. Like it or not, the change Uranus will bring will ultimately be what you need. For the past 84 years the world has been working the same way in the same structures with the same mentality of what material success is. The tradition of how we make our money by working for someone else will be no more. The long hours, little pay and lack of vacation will dismantle. We are at our wits end and on a verge of economic collapse here in the states. Uranus could not have come at a better time. Also, with the surge of careers started with social media there is no stopping this trend. More people will be paid in a virtual world than the real one. The cutting edge is social. 

     There will be a shift in our relationship with money. With Saturn in Capricorn we want career changes for ourselves and with that there will be a money increases. In the short term, you may be getting a new higher paying job this year or in the next two years under this influence. Money will be a huge motivating factor for any big changes we make moving forward. Even with the current chaos of student loans, Uranus will help this break down. Society will soon see that enough is enough. Our institutions will be forced to adapt to societies needs if they want to survive. Maybe college will not be a determining factor for success and there will be more affordable and alternative advancements in how we receive higher education.  Maybe it will all be online or virtual classrooms will be a more popular in the near future. Will our kids go to an actual classroom in seven years? Will online be the most practical and affordable way for education? Also, class structures will changes. Classism has been a trend for way to long and the financial gap between the rich and poor will break. Old narratives for survival in the straight world will no longer be mad-made, it will be self-made thanks to Uranus just being in Aries. As a society what we love and value will change. It takes Uranus to flip the script on the status quo and she is not playing nice. 

The Earth & Technology

       Compared to the last seven years when Uranus was in Aries, we were focused on transforming ourselves and projecting our new selves into the world. Now we know who we are, but what do we want? What brings us value? The new you does not fit into this old world. Now here comes Uranus with the change! You may not only be thinking about your money as resources, but the earth as one as well. The 2nd house rules our earth and our relationship with it. Currently this relationship is out of balance. The earth is in bad shape and we are just starting in little ways taking measures to protect it. We finally banned plastic straws in most places (nod to Uranus), but this is just the beginning of societies push to continue with this eco-conscious shift. Alert, this is not a trend! The 2nd house calls for us to take action in loving and protecting our earth. We will want to advocate for it and clean it up.

     Huge transformations will be made on a grand scale for big corporations to get their act together and people will be forced to care about their carbon footprint. I'm not saying oil and coal will run out in seven years, but more electric cars and solar panels will be used. Sustainability will be on everyones mind. I remember my senior year in high school (2010) doing a research paper on sustainable fashion. Back then (in the dark ages) only a few companies were eco-conscious. It was so hard to find sustainable fashion and mindful designers. Now fast-forward eight years and every major fashion company are doing it. Change happens fast and when it does it hits the masses. We will be exploring new opportunities for resources and technology will be the patron saint of this operation. Social media and technological advances will advocate for this. Uranus rules experimentation and anything techy. In the next seven years technology will be on its most innovative soar yet, and you thought that was just the early 00s. How will social media transform our everyday lives even further? What will the new cellphone or computer look like? Will cancer and other deadly diseases finally be cured? The possibilities of what radical Uranus will do are endless. We are on the dawn of a new technological awakening. 

 Tradition & Politics

       Ours views on what society deems as the 'correct' way of doing something, living or being will dismantle. Taurus's ruling planet is Venus which represents beauty, love, art and luxury. Uranus sweeping in change is on the forefront of this. Back In the 30s the last time Uranus was in Taurus, the golden age of Surrealism was the craze in the art world. It broke tradition and we saw beauty in a new light. This will happen again. Beauty standards are changing. Burn your bras! What is a Victoria's Secret model? With the rise of gender fluid and the deconstruction of gender norms this will continue to make more of an imprint on society. This is not a sexual revolution - that would be if Uranus was in Scorpio, this is a traditional one. How we show ourselves in the world and conduct our lives today will change tomorrow. There is no more hiding when Uranus is out to play. The past seven years you found yourself, now we just have to wait for the rest of society to catch up and accept it. Old milestones of comfort like having a house, marriage, religion, corporate job, is no longer the American dream. Do we even know what the American dream is anymore? It is up to use to create a new dreams. Marriage will be old school and not as valued. Also, maybe during this time you will make a major move. For example moving from the big city to the woods. Or moving back to your hometown after sometime abroad. Spirituality is on a rise and man-made religion will be of an old era. We need things to break down that no longer serve the conscience collective so we can build a new world. Forward thinking is key and Uranus will not let us go back to where we once were. The Tower card of the tarot can really reflect this time coupled with The Empress. The structures we built around us that run our lives are no longer what we need on our life path destiny. The Tower will fall down. The Empress who is the ruler of beauty and our Earth will be our sovereign. Re-shaping beauty where their was once darkness. 

     It is interesting now with the majority of millennials finally old enough to call the shots in our lives that Uranus is in battle along our side. It will now be our time to prove our vision and ideas to the last three generations. This change millennials want will shake some people who are not ready for it. Shake ups are happening now in our government. It is slowly crumbing down and it is both fascinating and scary to watch. Washington can no longer protect us anymore. I mean did it ever did before or just the privileged? The majority of the country is liberal minded and wants to move forward, but we do not have the power. Yet, watch us as we slowly take it. Now, but not for long, the power is still in the hands of generations before who are not forward thinking and are old-school. The world has changed and Uranus will force us to change with it. I foresee many government innovations. We may not have the republican party in a few years. With most of its leader being old white men, they will soon become an endangered species. Power is no longer white. Power has no color. Power is to transform to the voice of the people and Uranus will help us get there. Over the next seven years watch how our political systems will change, get your protest sign ready! 

Uranus Retrograde

      Uranus goes retrograde once a year for around 6 months. During this time, buckle up for some setback and disappointments in forward progress. Yet, Rome was not built in a day. We should expect delays on our journey. This reversal means that you may be bursting with energy to transform something, but maybe not everyone is ready or on the same page. It may take people longer to get on board with your new ideas. It may be harder to be yourself at this time as well. You may be self-conscious in the direction your life is taking. Do not get discouraged setbacks are there for you to question the action you take in your life. Ask yourself when you are having doubts what is it that you really want? You can also be acting out or rebelling in someway that does not sit well with others or maybe you are doing just the opposite. Areas of your life that need revival may be on the back burner. Recognize where change is calling your attention. Do not just sit back and let the world pass you by. Create new dreams so when Uranus goes direct in the New Year, you can set out to live them. 

The Punk Priestess
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