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      Naturally, I could not wait any longer to start writing my Aries Season post, because as an Aries sun myself, I literally have no patience. Many of us (especially fire and air signs), are drowning this Pisces Season and cannot wait for this water energy to be evaporated by fire. Don’t worry, it will happen when the sun goes into Aries on March 21st.

      In this post I will talk about the first and the most fabulous of all zodiac signs, Aries. Also, you cannot write about Aries without learning about the 1st House. On a personal note, I remember when I was 12 years old and discovered that I was an Aries (March 26th) and instantly my life made sense to me for the first time. I was always fascinated by personalities and why people acted a certain way and had certain interests. This all connected for me when I started studying astrology. Since then, my worldview has been forever changed and astrology has become my life’s work. Learning my sun sign and owning my personal power has helped me navigate my life and it still does. Now, let’s learn about this sign and how it connects to your Aries placements in your birth chart! Ready, Set, Go! 

 The 1st House: The Ascendant 

      You cannot get anywhere in life without knowing yourself. This is where Aries comes in, for Aries governs the 1st House of the ‘Self”. The 1st House is also our Ascendant or more commonly known as our Rising Sign. Your Rising Sign is found by your your time of birth. Your Rising Sign is so important, because it displays how you come across to others through your personality, physical appearance, and mannerism. For example I am an Aries sun Libra rising. My demeanor is diplomatic, friendly, and clam on the surface. However, below the surface my sun in Aries is restless and expresses itself boldly through other facets of my life. With using my Libra ascendant as a physical example, I take great concern with how I look and wear the latest fashions. I am also very feminine and like admires, which is a contradiction to Aries aggressive boyish charm. Aries and Libra are opposite signs, so many misconceptions can play out in this line-up. Overall, your ascendant describes more about you than you realize and is something I will touch more on in a later post. 

      The 1st House starts off the astrological year and rules new beginnings. Spring has sprung and everything is starting to bloom new life all around us. This fresh start is coupled with Aries season. These new beginning inspire us to have a fresh take on our lives. Aries wants us to create a sense of self and this is done through the house they lead. Your mentality, physical body, and behaviors, are influenced by the 1st House. Its mission is to mold your personality, ego, outlook on the world, and everything you set out to achieve in your life. 

      The 1st House is in a lack for better words, very raw and instinctual, for it is the first stage in our development as a person. The main question we ask ourselves through life is “Who Am I?’ You will find your answer in the 1st House. The 1st House, also rules our early childhood, for this is when we start learning about the world and our place in it. When we are young, we are naive and full of  discovery and optimism. Our initial views on life and us becoming who our destined to be, all coincide with the 1st House. Any planets or transits that fall into the 1st House are also huge influences to your personality and worldview. Aries rule the head and the face, centering around our conscious thoughts and actions. It is important that the face we show to the world is guided by our true self, not someone else’s view on how we should live our lives.

Aries: The Pioneer 

     Aries are the trailblazers, the leaders, and the warriors in astrology. They are the first sign, so this is how they view themselves in the world, as #1. The key word for Aries, is ‘I Am” for they like to be known for what they fight for and believe in. Aries season starts March 21st - April 19th which begins the astrological year. Aries are a Cardinal fire sign, so they are full of energy and completely fearless. They literally laugh at the face of danger, and prefer to take any challenge that stands in their way head on; for they are are Ram after all. This is something to take into account when understanding an Aries individual. They will metaphorically head-butt their way through life until their aspirations are manifested or they conquer their challenge. Also, Aries are very impatient, so they will achieve their to-do list before anyone else and still have the energy to take on the world.

       Another takeaway, is that Aries are extremely bold, brave, and courageous, for they trend where most fear to go. These attributes are why Aries are the leaders in the zodiac. No feat is too difficult and adversary is actually welcomed with enthusiasm, for they know they can deafest it. Aries pretty much remain unaffected by most of the hardships life throws their way, probably because they are so froward focused that the past becomes less interesting as time goes on. Or at least this is how Aries wants it to appear on the surface. Most Aries, are a pillars of strength, but inside they can actually be quite sensitive. Aries see sensitivity as a weakness and something they do not have time for, but once in a blue moon you will see them shed a single tear before they move on and pretend like it never happened.  

      Aries have the reputation, for being direct, competitive and having the need to be in charge. They have to win and be the first and best at everything, so do not take this as an offense. For no one is asking you to compete with them. One thing Aries does despise, are conformist. They see this as a sign of  insecurity, for if you really knew yourself and loved yourself, you would not find the need to be like anyone else. Aries do not follow the crowd, for they are too busy leading it with unfuckwithable attitude. Ok, no time to lose, let’s go into the personality of an Aries.

The Personality: It’s All About Me! 

      Either you fear them or envy them, but overall you secretly wish you were them.  Right away you will notice that an Aries knows who they are and is very “me’ focused, which can be a bit intimidating at first. It’s either all about them or they will try to turn the conversation to be about them. This is not on purpose, Aries honestly do not know they do this, until they are made aware of it by others. As an Aries gets older, they will try to be more conscious of this and make sure they do not constantly dominate the conversation. Yet, most likely an Aries will not care either way, for they low-key think they are the most interesting person in the room (and their probably right). 

       Aries may come across as a little arrogant, but they are just very ‘self’ assured. Remember, they rule the 1st House, so no one knows themselves better than an Aries knows themselves. Knowing every little thing about their personality is their life’s work.  Plus, maybe they are a little bit too self-absorbed and braggadocios, but do not mistake self-love as something negative. Having confidence in yourself should be contagious and is extremely positive. Instead of complaining how ‘full of themselves’ the Aries in your life are, you should aspire to get on their level. Most signs struggle to find a sense of self, let the Aries in your life guide you to be the master of you.

     On another note, Aries struggle with being emotionally available to others, for they are so caught up in themselves. It is both a gift and a curse. Yes, Aries already know they are fabulous, but the majority of the time, an Aries is thinking about the version of themselves they want to become. Aries do not spend a lot of time thinking about others and do not really put others to the forefront of their mind for very long. Many may find this attribute selfish, but again Aries rules the self so they literally cannot help it. Aries actually enjoy their own company and discovering who they are. Their self is their best friend, and you want to spend most of your time with your best friend right? It’s like how a Cancer needs moments in life to retreat back into their shell, hiding from the rest of the world before they are ready to resurface and face it. Not many can understand this behavior (defiantly not an Aries), but it’s part of Cancer’s DNA we have to accept. Each sign has their thing that sets them a part, but can make them seem misunderstood. On the flip side, when an Aries is focused on you, they give you their unprecedented attention. Aries genuinely care about your well-being, but if it can benefit them also, it is a win-win scenario. 

The Personality: Cocky, Cool Leader 

        Another thing that caters to Aries ‘Only Me’ attitude is their ambition. Aries are busy thinking about what they have to accomplish and their place in the world. The Ram stands on the high mountains in life and looks outward to all the potential the world lays before them. This is how Aries live their daily life: future focused with optimism. On their mountain, they seek the challenges they have to overcome and they see this before any other sign. Aries for-see the path they must take to get to the other side of their destiny. So they do not need anyone to distract them from their mission. However, they will have to lead others through the challenge once they made it though the other side. Sometimes an Aries, will not always want to lead, but they find themselves in this role anyways, for if not them who can successfully lead without fear? The confidence of an Aries is contagious and the other signs look up to this attribute in admiration. Also, Aries are naturally very kind and friendly leaders, who love to give guidance to those genuinely seeking it. Aries are very wise, because they really embrace life and live! You can only gain wisdom through experience not sitting in your room in fear of the world. You must go out there like a pioneer and explore it.

        What you will also witness about an Aries, is that they are very bossy. Aries like to be in control, for they think they know best. In a way they believe they have ‘been there first’ or have ‘done that before’ everyone. Even though they probingly haven’t, just keep that opinion to yourself, for they will fight you on it. Plus, Aries are a natural leader so it is in their being to tell you want to do. A mature Aries will learn the difference between leading and being bossy when enabling others to do their tasks. It is a life struggle, for Aries holds a vision and have high standards for how something should be done. Aires have a talent for recognizing others strengths and aligning them to a similar role. Trust an Aries instinct.

The Personality: Your No Bullshit BFF 

         Aries are extremely intuitive. Immediately, just by looking at you, an Aries can ‘Read’ you. After the read they will decide if they want you in their coven or not. Believe me, you want an Aries on your team, for they will not only make your life more interesting, but will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Everyone wants to be friends with an Aries, but Aries will not be friends with just anyone. Aries are not like Libra’s and quite frankly think diplomacy is exhausting. They will fight for what they belie in, but only if that fight has integrity and truth. Mature Aries learn to choose their battles wisely, but trust they will fight for their loved one and a cause they believe in. That is where the reliability of this sign comes in.

    Aries take you at face value. Either they like you or do not like you, there is no in-between. If you do not click with them right away, they do not have much interest in establishing a friendship. Aries want to be around people who are enthusiastic, intelligent, and easy to get along with. They especially like go-getter friends who embrace their true selves and have good energy. No phonies in this coven! Aries will excommunicate you! Also, Aries prefer friends who are confident and have strong personalities that mirror their own. Ultimately, Aries desire a coven that is a lively fun group they can explore with. 

       Overall, Aries make some of the best friends, because they tell you how it is. When asking an Aries for advice, be prepared for the honest raw truth. Aries are not afraid to lay down the facts to you and call you out on your BS.  Aries value the people in their lives, beaus they only nurture what they believe in and are select in this process. They want everyone in their friend group to be Gucci for anyone who falls under par Aires will not focus on maintaining the friendship, for ultimately it takes more time away from their life focus. want you to be empowered, for they care deeply about the people in their life. Accept and appreciate when an Aries gives it to you straight, it is only for your benefit and growth. 

The Personality: Low Vibe

          Aries rules childhood development, so they can come across as a child by acting out either for attention or when they do not get their way. Tantrums, the dramatics, maybe a little reckless dish breaking, and being a show off, are Aries teetering on the low-vibe of their sign. Aries can be quite reckless and wild if they are not grounded. They can also be daredevils, angry, and impulsive. Aries when flustered are famous for being impatient and having a temper that will explode on you without warning. Word of advice, do not mess with an Aries. If you catch the wrath of their fire it will not be pleasant. Yet, it will extinguish almost right after it starts, which is a blessing for the world. Also, on the low-vibe of Aries, they can be combative, insensitive, aggressive, selfish, confrontational, headstrong, and egocentric. 

How to Attract an Aries: Don’t!

       Aries like to initiate things. They do not need a prince charming for #1: gross and #2: they do their own rescuing. If an Aries has caught your eye, let them make the first move and Chase you. Keyword ‘the chase’ is very important to an Aries in the game of love. However, do not make the chase too easy for them, for they love a challenge. The most unattractive thing to an Aries is someone who is too clingy or interested in them too quickly. Aries will just get annoyed, for they like to work hard and ‘win’ for their hearts desires, even if they know they already have it.

       Most likely, if an Aries likes you they will tell you or you will know. Aries are not subtle and do not have time for the melodramatics of longing and waiting around for someone to make a move. The mystery is boring and a waste of time to them, so they will just go ahead and approach you and this is fine by them. Aries want their cake and they will defiantly make sure they eat it too. They are ready to start the romance now! Aries are a sign of Action, so can you handle the heat? Only a few can, without getting caught up in the flames. Aries are also very quick to make a decision when it comes to matters of the heart and may rush into relationships without thinking it through. 

        Aries are physical people, so love at first sight is a real thing for them. Physical appearance and most importantly physical stamina is ideal, for Aries rules the physical act of sex. No sign has the stamina and energy like the sex drive of an Aries. Sex is not the enemy, but the answer to most of Aries frustrations. Whether it’s self-love or the actual physical act, Aries are all for it. What better way to release some of that argo energy right?

      Aries are all-or-nothing lovers and completely self-sacrificing. Once they find their mate they are incredibly loyal and loving. They will actually put their loved one first, which is the most selfless thing an Aries can do. An Aries love is full of energy and passion. They love love, but want it on their own terms, so compromise is something they will have to work on.

How to Attract an Aries: The Challenge

       Aries can be super into you one minute and completely bored with you the next. Their love interest’s challenge, is to be interesting and present in an Aries life. Aries need consistency in their relationships or they will literally forget about you. Believe me, you do not want an Aries bored with you, for they will never be interested in you again. Aries also love words of affirmation, yes they already know their awesome, but love to hear it especially from the person they like.

      An Aries challenge in life, is taking the attention off of themselves and caring for others. This sign is also not one to commit to any one person right away. It is hard for them to find someone they can genuinely respect. If you can beat an Aries at something or show some type of strength, they will be more inclined to keep you around.

Aries In A Nutshell

    Happy New Astrological Year and with the help of Chiron in Aries for the next 7 years, a huge focus will begin on ourselves really becoming who we were meant to be. When people ask what type of person you are, you know this from the 1st House shaping your identity. Now it is time to ask yourself Who Am I and Who Do I Want to Become? Aries is and individual, but do not forget, so are you! Connect with the individual within and embrace it. One of the first steps in your self-discovery is learning your potential. Be fearless on your journey and start thinking more like an Aries. 

The Punk Priestess 
Art by: Celia Jacobs
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