The Punk Shop Policy

Hello Punk Family,

Below are a list of policies for the Punk Shop and Reading Services.

Reading Cancellations & Pricing 

1.) There are NO refunds for readings for No Shows or Cancelations. Once a reading is booked it is your responsibility to comment to the time and date of your scheduled appointment.

 If you happen to cancel last min or do not show up for a reading, I will reschedule with you One more time, but if you cancel or no show after a second time, you will Not be refunded.

2.) If I happen to cancel on my end due to an emergency, I will make sure I reschedule our session within 24 hours. 

3.) Prices Are FIXED and not up for negotiation. I do offer discounts a few times a year, so stay up to date on my social media for discount opportunities. 

Damaged Items, Refunds, & Exchanges 

1.) All items purchased are Final Sale. This includes Vintage pieces, Printed clothing and Punk merchandise.

2.) If an item arrives damaged you must notify me within 24 hours of receiving your order and send me pictures of the damage for a refund. Anything after 24 hours I will assume was damage done on your end and will not be open for refunds.

3.) Many of my products are vintage and I detail if there is any slight wear or a chip. I will not give refunds or discounts for items under these circumstances. The item would have to be completely broken for any refund to be considered. 

4.) Printed clothing - all printed orders are done through a third party company called Printify. I do not personally print or send you your items. If you receive a damaged or mistake on your order - please contact me 24 hours upon receiving your order with pictures, so I can have them send you a re-print. 

I will not be offering any Returns on Printed items for this is beyond my control. Only re-prints will be the way to rectify the situation. 


1.) I try to ship out orders within 3-5 business days. 

Printed Items are not in my control and will be subject to longer shipping times.

2.) When you purchase an item you are in charge of tracking your order. Every purchase automatically receives an email of your shipping details. It will not be my responsibility to track your order. 

3.) Once an order is shipped, it is out of my hands and up to the mail gods. If an order is delayed or missing, again this is out of my control, because I have done my part to send it out. You must contact the mailing vender to take care of this for you. I will not be involved in this process. 

Unsolicited Tarot & Astrology Advice

One of my boundaries is NOT answering random DM's and email's about astrology and tarot. If you are seeking counsel and advice on something, please go to my Shop page and purchase a reading to have a personal session with me.


Tarot and Astrology readings are given for entertainment purposes only. The user is responsible for their own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal or medical advice. This advice should be sought from a suitable professional.

By using this service you are confirming that you are over 18 years old and that you agree and understand the terms above. Please contact me with any questions regarding the above.

All rights of Recored and Zoom readings are the property of The Punk Priestess and cannot be used for duplication or commercial use.

The Punk Priestess LLC


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