Tarot + Birth Chart Reading

Tarot + Birth Chart Reading

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    Want a tarot reading in combination with the transits in your birth chart? Well, I have you covered! For this reading I will be analyzing your birth chart and transit chart in combination with my tarot cards. 

Please allow at least 3 days for me to work on your birth and transit charts before our session. I will be sending you a PDF of personalized notes about your birth chart to go along with the reading. 

I will be emailing you for the following questions:

- Date of Birth

- Time of Birth 

- Location of Birth

- Current location 

- Question/Advice you are seeking in your birth chart and for the tarot reading. 

Please make sure this information is provided before I get started on your chart :) 

Tarot Reading Info:

Tarot readings are an 30 min long session.  I will reach out to you via email within 48 hours of purchase, to set up a time and date for this offering. Please make sure you provide in checkout your most updated email/contact information. 

My Reading Style:

During my readings I mix tarot, oracle, and astrology decks. I use these tools to help provide you with the best insight on whatever you are seeking guidance and counsel on in your life. My tarot readings are guided by using one of my original tarot spreads from my ebook Punk Rock Tarot Spreads, to ensure that a clear pathway of wisdom can flow in the right direction. 

Reading Options:

Zoom Reading:  Readings are done in live time and I will also record our session for you to download and keep. Also, pictures of your spread are included with links to resources I may mention during the reading.

Recorded Reading: I will record your reading for you and send it via email for you to download and keep. Also, pictures of your spread are included with links to resources I may mention during the reading.  

Thank you for sharing your magic with me and I look forward to analyzing the stars in your chart!