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The Punk Priestess

July: Tarot & Astrology Club

July: Tarot & Astrology Club

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Hello everyone! I am excited for you to attend July's Tarot & Astrology Club. 


   The purpose of the Tarot and Astrology club is  are to create a community of Tarot and Astrology loving folks, who want to share their passion of of tarot and astrology with others. Each month I will teach a mini lesson on either a tarot or astrology topic and then we will spend the rest of the evening talking about anything tarot or astrology related.

    If you have any questions about your chart this will be a great opportunity to get some insight as well as furthering your knowledge on an astrological themes happening collectively. If there are tarot cards that are troubling and you want clarity on your divination practice, this can be found within the Tarot and Astrology Circle that we create.

I wish when I started my divination and astrology practice decades ago, that i had an engaging witchy community to hangout and learn with, and I am so happy to start here! Come through and let’s explore our mystical passions together!


All ranges of tarot and astrology experience are welcomed.


Please feel free to bring any decks, books, divination tools, etc that you find interesting to share. 

Date & Time:

Wednesday, July 24th from 6-7:30pm Eastern Time. 


This will be a virtual meetup via Zoom. Please provide your email at checkout and I will email you the Zoom Link. 

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