90 Min - Reiki Healing

90 Min - Reiki Healing

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Sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves is healing our mind, body and spirit.

Distance Reiki Treatments are just as effective as in-person treatments. If you are not able to experience a Reiki treatment in-person these sessions are perfect for you.

The Treatment: 

For a distance treatment, I will reach out to you after purchase for the following: 

 - Your name

- A picture of you

- Your current address 

- What you are seeking treatment on and are going through. The more details the better. 

- Preparation instructions before our session

The Healing Treatment :

Treatment is an 90 min long virtual session via Zoom.

Includes: 20 Min check in and will include some tarot reading pulls, a 60-Min full-body Reiki treatment and 10mins re-group conversation after session 

Reiki is for those who want to heal blockages out of their body and bring a greater sense of wellbeing into their life. 

Like all bodywork sessions - Reiki treatments are NOT a one and done deal. Consistently and frequency is key if you are to really see long-lasting changes in your body and energy field. I recommend multiple sessions we can schedule over a month long period. 

Please choose a day and time when you are not distracted and are able to relax. I will perform a transitional Reiki treatment as if you are lying on my massage table.