Reiki Chakra Healing with Crystals

Reiki Chakra Healing with Crystals

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If you have been following me for a long time or just getting to know me, you will soon discover that I am obsessed with crystals and their healing benefits. I have been incorporating crystal therapy into my intuitive practice for years and I love how the earthy energy of these minerals can transform your body and spirit. Now with reiki I get to connect two of my favorite healing modalities. 

The Healing Treatment :

1 hour long virtual session via Zoom.

1.) Before the healing session begins, we will have a little 10 min chat about the energy/situations you navigating in your life and what you seek healing on. I will if you are open to it, pull a tarot card to see more about the present energy and how to channel the proper healing remedy. 

2.) Once our chat is over, I will ask you to lie or sit down in a comfortable position and setting that is undisturbed from distractive noise and people. The lights may be dimmed or tuned off completely if needed. I want to make sure you feel comfortable before the treatment begins.

 *Please Note* Creating a scared and safe place for your body to heal is extremely important when having bodywork done. I want you to be at peace so your body can be open to receiving the healing energy of reiki. Receiving reiki is a gift you are giving your body. Giving love to your body and creating a time and space for it to heal, is the highest form of self care.

3.) I will ask you to rest and close your eyes and I will begin to play so meditative music for the session as I begin the treatment. Which will go like this: 

4.) In the beginning of the treatment, I will be scanning the health of your chakras and look for any energy stuck in the body. Once this is completed and I know the areas that need work, I will start to incorporate the appropriate crystals I feel necessary, for your treatment. 

5.) During this 45 min treatment, I will be giving you distance reiki and combining the energy of the crystals to heal the blocked or weak charkas. I will be healing other parts of the body that need love and care as well. 

6.) After the 45 min treatment, I will gently let you knew the treatment is done and we will re-connect to talk about your experience. I will also mention to you what I discovered during the treatments and provide the proper care for after the session. I will also provide a list of crystals to work with to maintain the healing work. 

The reiki energy will be healing your body throughout the coming days and weeks.

Follow Up Care:

To obtain the full effects of a reiki treatment, I recommend having multiple sessions in close relation to another to really get the long lasting effects of restoring your body's vitality. 

Bodywork is very different from intuitive work. It is a proactive healing practice to acclimate the body to work through many health aliments and blockages. 

Consistent reiki treatments will do wonders for your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Which will increase your body's vitality and untimely have you move through life with more ease and light. 

Booking the Next Session: 

After our first session I will email you my calendar so we can schedule the next one. Reiki sessions best work when close together, so the next or following week after the first reiki session is ideal. 

If you have any questions about the reiki treatment please let me know, I will be happy to offer more clarity or details on the experience.